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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Weeeell. I'm almost ashamed of how long it's been since I typed out a post. I've fallen out of the rhythm of lugging my camera around on my down time and writing just for fun--time to get back into the flow!

My husband thought of a really cool idea to develop while we were driving with the puppy in tow toward Little Rock, Arkansas to visit family. "It could be a documentary of people working in their city or hometown at their own trade," he told me. I loved the idea, and it was initially going to be carried out on a grander scale of traveling outside of Austin (even the U.S.). But, since I wanted to do something that could feasibly be completed within one year, I decided to pull in the highly enthusiastic reins to document beautiful spots within my own beloved city of Austin, Texas.

I think 50 of these posts would be a good start. I'll give you either the name and location of where the shots were taken within Austin, and I'll keep track of the dates the shots were taken. These posts could serve as spots for photographers' photo shoots, travel tips, or even "scavenger hunt" spots for you to try and find. :)

So, here goes the first post of Viva Austin!
Location: West of 127 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 
Date Taken: July 1, 2015

Hope you guys have been doing wonderfully over the past three months!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patty's Day, you guys!

It's a wonder that I haven't been pinched, as I totally skipped decking myself in green today. I sort of have an excuse--the green clothes I own are all fancy dresses. How am I supposed to comfortably work like that?

One lovely business lady in Austin realizes the importance of being green, both in fashion and skincare. Meet the beautiful Joyce Chow, founder of Huckleberry:
I met Joyce for the fastest photo shoot of my life in a crowded little coffee shop in East Austin when I was shooting for the December issue of Velma Magazine. She is bubbly, personable, super-smart, and, coincidentally, deathly afraid of being smack in front of the camera. 

Really, I don't know why, because look at her! That's one beautiful human. 

Before I ran away into the abyss of Austin's traffic, Joyce gave me a sample of Huckleberry's Pink Mojito scrub and mask in a plush little velvet bag to try out for myself...
...which I didn't test until nearly 100 days later. After literally months of forgetting to try out the products and letting them pathetically sit inside the bathroom cabinet, I tried them out a few nights ago.

This post isn't sponsored by Huckleberry to proclaim my love like a parrot, but I gotta say I'm starstruck. I'm that person that breaks out even with new blushes (sad), and I definitely am skittish when it comes to skincare. 

I used to get scolded by skin therapists when they uncovered the ugly truth and found that I use Dial bar soap to wash my face--I'm convinced it's the only thing that doesn't break me out. I'm literally and figuratively glowing after using the scrub and mask. The scent is heavenly, the ingredients are natural, and the team behind this young business is pretty incredible. Obviously, no breakouts happened whatsoever, and I was left with skin that felt and looked amazing. 

Annnd now I feel like a total narcissist who should be purring with a fan in front of her glowing face. 

Anyway! Back to St. Patty's day. 
Be like Joyce instead of me with your choice of clothing. That way, you'll get kisses instead of pinches. ;) xx

Monday, March 9, 2015



I'm still alive and kicking--I come bearing proof. ;) 

I've had wonderful opportunities to do photo shoots with amazing people around Austin, but I have to say that a shoot I did this past month had to be one of my very favorites, and consequently, most memorable. 

This was my first newborn shoot ever, and I was able to experience firsthand the love of a new mama and her baby girl. Meet the beautiful duo:
Remember these little loving flamingos from a few years back? I couldn't help but pull them out again when I saw that little Hayden's outfit was entirely decked out in pink birds. 
Jess, the founder of Velma Magazine and now CEO to sweet Hayden, is one of the biggest go-getters I've met. You guys. Jess was emailing the Velma team even when she was in labor to make sure an issue went smoothly. Now that is dedication coupled with an extreme tolerance of pain!
It was amazing to see the motherly love Jess instinctually had for Hayden; all the photos were between Jess and Hayden were candid, and my easy job was to show how Jess interacted with Hayden. 

Clay and I don't have any little ones yet (minus the frustrated + hairy one), so the love I see between moms, dads, and their new additions to the family is something indescribable for me. I have no doubt you other beautiful mamas out there can agree on that bond. 
On the warm, drizzly weekend that we met for the shoot in Jess's adorable bungalow-esque home in the coveted Old West neighborhood close to downtown Austin, we took time to catch up, coo at Hayden, and run to sunny windows when the sun would slip in through the glass for a few moments. 
Hayden was a tiny trooper and diligently slept most of the time, allowing me to scamper around and capture shots with her sleepy body draped over her mom's shoulders. 
I felt like a terrible person when Hayden woke from her slumber as we tried to fix her in multiple positions near the window, but she continued to be pretty agreeable and give us her very best flamingo poses. Isn't the photo with her pink hat the best?? I couldn't stop squawking when I finally had the chance to see the photos in large-format while editing. 
I'm pretty positive Miss Hayden will be just as beautiful as her mama as she continues to grow. Genetics can be quite appreciated when it comes to things like that. 
Cheers to you, Jess, on this amazing new chapter in your life!

And thanks to you all for taking a look at one of my favorite shoots. :) Kisses!

P.S. Check out PASADYA's Facebook page for a slew of extra photos! 

Friday, February 13, 2015


Very long time, no see!

In true Danie style, I'm late yet another year for Pasadya's birthday. We're officially past the terrible twos! Onto the exciting toddling stage of a three-year old. :)

I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some of the highlights of Pasadya's year, both personally and business-wise. I wish I could include every amazing project I had the opportunity to work on along with every person I had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with, but that would unfortunately be quite the MONSTROUSLY long post. 

So, here's a condensed version of Pasadya's year from February 12, 2014 to February 12, 2015:
First off, Pasadya's humble workspace moved from a sunny home office in San Antonio to a slightly higher view of downtown Austin in the spring. The space might be smaller, but it is still mighty and inspiring. 
Photos from top to bottom: 1.-- 4. Photos at home, 5. Cecily Willingham with her Samoyed, Sake
Illustration: 'In a Good Way' by Pasadya

The summer was filled with homemade food, small gifts, and dear friends coming to Austin for weekend visits. Lots of puppy love happened simultaneously.  
Work was put on hold for a sunny, relaxing trip to Mexico. Talk about finding a way to recharge for the upcoming workweek!  
Photos from top to bottom: 1. Jessica Selby with her daughter, Brooklyn, 2. Michelle Lessing in Epicerie, 3. Clay Selby at Russell's Bakery, 4. Pool water in the summer 5. Dan Lessing at Russell's Bakery, 6. Photo from the Greenberg family's photo shoot

Time was spent loving and documenting babies, coffee, family, and adorably happy families.  
Photos & illustrations from top to bottom, left to right: 1. Reviewing past issues of PaperCity Magazine for illustration development, 2. Concept sketch for PaperCity review, 3. Staff illustration of Jane Rozelle for PaperCity, 4. Staff illustration of Linden Wilson for PaperCity, 5. Gift Guide illustration for PaperCity's Dec. 2014 issue in collaboration with Uptown Park, 6. Media Kit illustration for PaperCity 

Lightning-speed work, communication, and a love for illustrating was put to good use with a collaboration with PaperCity Magazine when the leaves began to fall off their limbs and the temperatures dropped. 
Photos from top to bottom: 1. The furry working buddy at Honokea Austin, 2. Tommy Goode outside of Dominican Joe, 3. Amanda Kay Phillips for Velma Magazine, 4. Staff members during the workday at Honokea Austin

Photo shoots took place in collaborative workspaces in East Austin, and new transplants to Austin (from gorgeous Hawaii) were kind enough to help me find my way to said photo shoots. Downtime was spent with friends during warm mornings along the way.  
Photos from top to bottom: 1. Staff Illustration of Anna Schuster for PaperCity, 2. Viva print by Pasadya, 3. Custom phrase tattoo design, 4. Custom Biblical verse tattoo design, 5. Logo design for Christina Colors, 6. Custom name tattoo design

More illustrations were made for collaborations, bold handwriting prints were created, more logo designs were created for fun-loving and hard-working entrepreneurs, and for the first time ever, Pasadya began offering custom, handwritten tattoo designs. 
Photos from top to bottom: 1. Jenni Klinger in our Austin apartment, 2. Custom ocean-scape painting (combination of hand-painted and digitally edited watercolor), 3. Logo design for Lubbock Pergola & Deck, 4. Sharlene Leurig for Velma Magazine

Photos were taken for fun as well as for business, challenging and inspiring paintings were created for heartwarming clients, and additional logos were made for growing businesses. 

In essence, Pasadya's second year in existence was wonderful; it was full of growth with creative projects and friendships, and I can't express how excited I am for its future ahead. Happy Birthday, pretty little Pasadya! 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Pasadya's Etsy shop has never seen a sale before, and I thought 2015's new arrival should mark the beginning of a new era. Kicking things off, there will be free shipping through January. Huzzah!
Here's a little preview of what you can expect at the shop if you haven't been there yet:

Hope your new year is starting off with a (good) bang!
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