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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Long time, no see, guys!

I didn't mention it yet, but I've been working with a talented group of women publishing the first issues of a women-in-tech magazine called Velma here in Austin. I've been part illustrator, part photographer for the group, and I gotta say, I love meeting the women who contribute to the magazine each month. 

I've been scrounging around to find the time to finish editing all of my zillion shots of each super-fun photo shoot, and I thought this little blog would be the perfect outlet to share their outtakes. Check out the Velma issues to see the photos that are featured in the magazine each month!

I have a crazy long way to go as far as editing, but umm, baby steps.

Let's start with Chelsea, who was in Issue 01:
Before meeting with Chelsea, my car conveniently overheated the day before, so thankfully, a friend chauffeured me around the city to my shoots. So very sweet, don't you think?  He quickly became my photographer assistant, proving to both Chelsea and me that he was in fact very talented at the task at hand. :) You should have seen the guy galloping around, moving iPhone cords from one counter to another and clearing the already pristine surfaces as best as any enthusiastic assistant could. 

For Velma, photo shoots of contributors take place either at their workspaces, their homes, or even a place in Austin that inspires them. Chelsea chose to have the shoot at her home, which enthralled my friend and me, of course. You should have seen us drooling around each room in her beautiful home! 
I usually try to keep photo shoots for Velma within a 20-30 minute timeframe, but if I'm having a little too much fun, I may tend to go overboard and want to hang out for 10,000 hours. This particular shoot was SO much longer than my timeframe, ha!
How can you not love the hand-crafted furniture and soothing colors on the walls?
And you GUYS. The kitchen! Don't you want to drink in that sunlight streaming from the window and use that pretty teapot perched on the lovely stovetop to make 12 cups of tea in the morning? I dooo think so, very much indeed.
As previously stated, I gawked at every room, including the kitchen. 

"Did you hire a designer to flip the house??" I barked at Chelsea, who was extremely humble and said that she picked out all of the materials by herself. Meaning, on her own. I gawked some more.
So not only is Chelsea a talented business woman (and underlying designer); she also has the exuberant, genuine personality the makes anybody want to be around her. I wish you could have been there behind the scenes! Pretty sure I chuckled and chortled continuously. But hey, it's really not my fault, seeing that I'm stuck with people who cause me to do so. 
Chair (pictured two photos above) created by Tony and Lori Linder of Litmus Industries

Well, we've reached the end of the post, sadly. 

You can read Chelsea's article in Issue 01 of Velma, and you can also stayed tuned with Mable, one of the local, creative companies she's involved in (on top of her other jobs and priorities!). 

You can also see what Velma has up her sleeve daily via Twitter and Facebook

I have so many other outtakes to share of wonderful women in Austin who were so kind to lend their time and talents to Velma! More to come--slowly but surely, mind you. 

Have a pretty night!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Hey guys! I've been kept busy for ages, and oh man, have I been wanting to share how pretty Austin is in the midst of it all!

Take this mooring, for example. You can start your day before the sun rises and spend an hour or two exploring before hampering down to work. You're likely to see gorgeous sights! Here were a few of the views from this morning:
I leaned out the balcony and snapped the quiet view of the city...both Austin and I were waking up together for once! 
I went around the corner of our apartment and took photos of a pretty unwilling subject at a coffee shop (i.e. husband), but also took shots of the calm sky and lake, which were much more agreeable subjects, if you were wondering.
I took shots of another subject at the coffee shop (our dear friend who is also new to Austin--freshly transplanted from sunny Florida), and I caught the dynamic views of the lake as the sun was quickly rising (i.e. I was GALLOPING to get the photos)...
...and I saw vibrant bursts of pink along with swaying palm trees in the warm light. :) 

I tell friends (old and new) that my heart is breaking from loving Austin too much. Is this normal?? 

Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello, and happy Friday! It's been a while yet again, hasn't it? As I was lying in bed last night, I thought how much I've missed our Friday Art + Story posts, and I decided to remedy the situation in the tangled sheets then and there.

So here you are, with the newest addition to the Art + Story bunch!

This particular illustration makes me laugh because a) it's supposed to be me, and b) that's probably what I look like when I have loads of exciting work ahead of me (minus the twitching right eye).

This one's titled In A Good Way, and I love to pair it with Les Yeux Ouverts by Emilie-Claire Barlow.
I sleepily rubbed my eyes, staring into the glowing screen filled with the illustrated artwork, calling out to be edited. The sun wasn't out quite yet, but I knew it would peek over the buildings any minute now.

"This is huge deal," I consoled myself as the sun began creeping in through the windows a few moment later.  It was my first, real, all-night since college. In my post-college career, I had experienced the ultimate spoilage of blissful sleep for years on end, working in the daylight.

But what to do when you're faced with overflowing sketchbook paper, pencils and paintbrushes strewn over your work surface, explosions of watercolor, and tight deadlines?

You work through it, yo!! Somehow I had come to cling to this new mantra for the past month, all the while avoiding a strangled inner meltdown.

Suddenly, stress had become the anti-enemy after I had finally greeted her with a warm embrace and "how-do-you-do." HA!! I welcome you. We can share this blanket, sip some tea, listen to lulling French songs, and relaaaax. You're allowed in my space, but I'm referring to you as the good kind of stress.


* * *

Here's to hoping you're experiencing stress in a good way, too! Happy weekend, pretties. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So apparently, today marks the first official day of fall! You know how much I adore my summertime; this calls for a look back on the happy summer of 2014. :) 
I started my days with chocolate, delicious breads, fresh fruit, and tea--one of the best ways to begin your workload, right? 
I explored gorgeous Austin constantly. These two pictures are from a little peninsula called Redbud Park and the cool waters of Barton Springs, one of which is walking distance from our apartment! 
Many of the explorations were performed with the puppy. She's always ecstatic to come anywhere with us, fortunately. The two photos above are from Barton Springs again. 
The sweet husband of mine cooked deliciousness and brought it to me in bed. I wholeheartedly admit that I'm a spoiled sloth. 
We enjoyed slashing around with the adorable littles in the pool, spending time with family, and working late into the night on crazy fun projects
I'd say that's a wrap! Summer, you were grand this year. 
Now, onward to fall! You guys ready for this??

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Looong time no see (or talk, I should say)! We've been rumbling around over here the past two weeks, dealing with little things as small as making lemon meringue pies with about four ingredients to the bigger issues like finding out that our sweet baby Boston has glaucoma.

Despite sounding like a Depressing Danie from the previous sentence, this warrior princess of ours is doing SO well--we were told that she might completely lose her sight, but she remains unfazed and in super high spirits, and her right eye (which was blind when we checked yesterday) seems to be improving. Only time (and medicine) will tell. In the case that this sweetie does go blind, we already have an amazing dog in the family named Seigo who went blind a few years ago and has shown us just how well she's been able to adapt to her new phase in life. Seigo is a country dog at heart, and it makes me so happy to see her still racing across the gigantic front lawn, as free as ever. Sometimes we even forget that she's blind!

Before I go off on a winding tangent, I'd like to point out how much we can learn from our pets (or maybe I should say "members of the family," as they are definitely considered in ours). These strong little beings are faced with pain and life-changing situations, yet they bound forward, finding all the happiness along the way despite their obstacles.

I'm usually not very vocal about my stance on religion (oftentimes because others manage to spread hate through religion rather than love), but I do believe that God is in control. I can't become proud and forget to give my worries away to Him, because ultimately, it's not my choice who stays on this earth, who leaves, and what happens to us during this journey.

On the note of spreading love and being grateful, here's more of the photo shoot from the insanely loving family I had promised to share a super long time ago! Better late than never, huh?
The reason I say that this family is so loving is because of the way they communicate and interact with one another; the moment I stepped through the front door, Diana was going through a stressful situation that would make most girls weep, but she stayed calm with the kids, put on a smile, and showed genuine love--which obviously shows through the photos.  
In this particular photo, Diana was explaining to her tiny daughter why "Mommy was upset." Isn't it crazy how the most frustrating moments can portray your genuine personality? I'm incredibly impressed with people who stay kind throughout difficult times. 

I know when I get super stressed and upset, I'm not entirely fun to be around. I have a long way to go, but maybe one day I'll get there!
Sean, Diana's husband, shares a similar personality. You should have seen the kids light up when he walked in the back door after arriving home from work!
During the shoot, all of these happy moments filled the span of less than an hour: chocolate sharing, tiny bodies lifted in the air...
...rolling around on coffee tables, laugh-out-loud moments...
...elated black sock displays...
...gummy smiles, bear hugs, conga line dancing...
...dancing on chairs, loving embraces, and kids freely being allowed to be kids. 
This is definitely one family filled with love! If you want to see some extra adorable outtakes, head over to Pasadya's Facebook page. :) 

Hope you guys have been enjoying the past two weeks! :)
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