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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patty's Day, you guys!

It's a wonder that I haven't been pinched, as I totally skipped decking myself in green today. I sort of have an excuse--the green clothes I own are all fancy dresses. How am I supposed to comfortably work like that?

One lovely business lady in Austin realizes the importance of being green, both in fashion and skincare. Meet the beautiful Joyce Chow, founder of Huckleberry:
I met Joyce for the fastest photo shoot of my life in a crowded little coffee shop in East Austin when I was shooting for the December issue of Velma Magazine. She is bubbly, personable, super-smart, and, coincidentally, deathly afraid of being smack in front of the camera. 

Really, I don't know why, because look at her! That's one beautiful human. 

Before I ran away into the abyss of Austin's traffic, Joyce gave me a sample of Huckleberry's Pink Mojito scrub and mask in a plush little velvet bag to try out for myself...
...which I didn't test until nearly 100 days later. After literally months of forgetting to try out the products and letting them pathetically sit inside the bathroom cabinet, I tried them out a few nights ago.

This post isn't sponsored by Huckleberry to proclaim my love like a parrot, but I gotta say I'm starstruck. I'm that person that breaks out even with new blushes (sad), and I definitely am skittish when it comes to skincare. 

I used to get scolded by skin therapists when they uncovered the ugly truth and found that I use Dial bar soap to wash my face--I'm convinced it's the only thing that doesn't break me out. I'm literally and figuratively glowing after using the scrub and mask. The scent is heavenly, the ingredients are natural, and the team behind this young business is pretty incredible. Obviously, no breakouts happened whatsoever, and I was left with skin that felt and looked amazing. 

Annnd now I feel like a total narcissist who should be purring with a fan in front of her glowing face. 

Anyway! Back to St. Patty's day. 
Be like Joyce instead of me with your choice of clothing. That way, you'll get kisses instead of pinches. ;) xx


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