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Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm trying not to let this non-posting syndrome take over my life; before I knew it, almost an entire month had rushed by my face! We've been out and about--among other places, we went out of the country for a few days of R&R.
If you didn't already know, I'm completely head over heels for soft sand, clear waves, and swaying palm trees. So of course, Cancun seemed pretty fitting for my vacation. While the husband also appreciates beaches (but not to the degree of my manic adoration), he really loves the cold. I suppose we'll reach a compromise on our next journey and land somewhere in the middle of the north pole.

My old Nikon D60 camera died a very weird and abrupt death the day before our plane left Austin and ten minutes into a photo shoot for Velma Magazine (no, I did not freak out until after the fact), so this spoiled sloth got a small upgrade before we left for our trip. Okay, well I think my Nikon D7100 is about 120 times better than my previous D60, but it's almost hilarious how much trouble I'm having trying to get used to it. It's very possible that this camera is indeed smarter than I am, ha! 

Below is my account of Cancun (I had to split posts into day-by-day synopses) regarding our thoughts and my 800+ bumbling photos (no, I won't force you to look through that many photos, although Clay and our best friend did me the honor after much sulking):
Bottom photo by Clay Selby

The older I get, the extra chances I have to get nauseous on any moving object; roller coasters, elevators, and planes in particular. Now isn't that just sad? I think I spent a total of half an hour gripping onto the little navy paper bag provided in the airplane seat with clammy hands and bulging eyes. Lovely, I know. 

When we finally stumbled off the plane (huzzah!), we were driven up the strip of resorts toward our gigantic hotel. Not having much to do until we were able to check into the hotel (we arrived a couple of hours before check-in), we splayed ourselves on beach chairs like a couple of happy walruses and fiddled with my ever-confusing/amazing camera. 

The above photo was taken by Clay, who I have decided should begin following me around and take flattering photos so that I always feel this good about myself (because obviously, he has the gift of making a subject look better than it does in real life, let me tell you). 
Top photo by Clay Selby

Before leaving for paradise, we made a hilarious, rushed stop at Wal-Mart to pick up an $8 plastic wedding ring and probiotics. Don't you just love that piece of jewelry? Surprisingly, it hasn't even begun to rust after swimming around with it in the ocean, pools, and cenotes!

I, of course, had to take my hand at attempting to figure out the camera. I do believe I had a wonderful specimen to photograph. See Exhibit A with the hat and sideways smile. 
Again, we have a great specimen.
Bottom photo by Clay Selby

When we finally checked into our room, we immediately changed into swimsuits and swam around in the waves. I was elated to have my dork gear readily available (googles), and we explored the bottom of the ocean's surface, pointing out tiny and medium-sized silver fish, clams in the their beautiful polished shells, and swaying algae. I also brought along a disposable waterproof camera, but I didn't finish shooting the roll yet. I guess I'll have to find another place to take odd photos underwater so that I can finally see what the developed pictures look like. 
We finished the remainder of the day by basically doing nothing. Well, we did waddle our way to the free buffet downstairs, if that counts for anything.

Above is the view from our balcony (which was like four times larger than our tiny balcony in Austin) on the tenth floor. Ocean side? We'll take it! Is five pools on the excessive side?

Hope you enjoyed November and had a warm and happy Thanksgiving! 


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