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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Looong time no see (or talk, I should say)! We've been rumbling around over here the past two weeks, dealing with little things as small as making lemon meringue pies with about four ingredients to the bigger issues like finding out that our sweet baby Boston has glaucoma.

Despite sounding like a Depressing Danie from the previous sentence, this warrior princess of ours is doing SO well--we were told that she might completely lose her sight, but she remains unfazed and in super high spirits, and her right eye (which was blind when we checked yesterday) seems to be improving. Only time (and medicine) will tell. In the case that this sweetie does go blind, we already have an amazing dog in the family named Seigo who went blind a few years ago and has shown us just how well she's been able to adapt to her new phase in life. Seigo is a country dog at heart, and it makes me so happy to see her still racing across the gigantic front lawn, as free as ever. Sometimes we even forget that she's blind!

Before I go off on a winding tangent, I'd like to point out how much we can learn from our pets (or maybe I should say "members of the family," as they are definitely considered in ours). These strong little beings are faced with pain and life-changing situations, yet they bound forward, finding all the happiness along the way despite their obstacles.

I'm usually not very vocal about my stance on religion (oftentimes because others manage to spread hate through religion rather than love), but I do believe that God is in control. I can't become proud and forget to give my worries away to Him, because ultimately, it's not my choice who stays on this earth, who leaves, and what happens to us during this journey.

On the note of spreading love and being grateful, here's more of the photo shoot from the insanely loving family I had promised to share a super long time ago! Better late than never, huh?
The reason I say that this family is so loving is because of the way they communicate and interact with one another; the moment I stepped through the front door, Diana was going through a stressful situation that would make most girls weep, but she stayed calm with the kids, put on a smile, and showed genuine love--which obviously shows through the photos.  
In this particular photo, Diana was explaining to her tiny daughter why "Mommy was upset." Isn't it crazy how the most frustrating moments can portray your genuine personality? I'm incredibly impressed with people who stay kind throughout difficult times. 

I know when I get super stressed and upset, I'm not entirely fun to be around. I have a long way to go, but maybe one day I'll get there!
Sean, Diana's husband, shares a similar personality. You should have seen the kids light up when he walked in the back door after arriving home from work!
During the shoot, all of these happy moments filled the span of less than an hour: chocolate sharing, tiny bodies lifted in the air...
...rolling around on coffee tables, laugh-out-loud moments...
...elated black sock displays...
...gummy smiles, bear hugs, conga line dancing...
...dancing on chairs, loving embraces, and kids freely being allowed to be kids. 
This is definitely one family filled with love! If you want to see some extra adorable outtakes, head over to Pasadya's Facebook page. :) 

Hope you guys have been enjoying the past two weeks! :)


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