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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Weeeell. I'm almost ashamed of how long it's been since I typed out a post. I've fallen out of the rhythm of lugging my camera around on my down time and writing just for fun--time to get back into the flow!

My husband thought of a really cool idea to develop while we were driving with the puppy in tow toward Little Rock, Arkansas to visit family. "It could be a documentary of people working in their city or hometown at their own trade," he told me. I loved the idea, and it was initially going to be carried out on a grander scale of traveling outside of Austin (even the U.S.). But, since I wanted to do something that could feasibly be completed within one year, I decided to pull in the highly enthusiastic reins to document beautiful spots within my own beloved city of Austin, Texas.

I think 50 of these posts would be a good start. I'll give you either the name and location of where the shots were taken within Austin, and I'll keep track of the dates the shots were taken. These posts could serve as spots for photographers' photo shoots, travel tips, or even "scavenger hunt" spots for you to try and find. :)

So, here goes the first post of Viva Austin!
Location: West of 127 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 
Date Taken: July 1, 2015

Hope you guys have been doing wonderfully over the past three months!


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