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Friday, August 22, 2014


Whooo. This week has been filled with visits from super close friends of ours and my parents coming to visit, and it was a chaotic, wonderful pile of days lumped together. At one point, there were six people crammed into our tiny apartment spending the night. That equals six adult humans cohabiting in a little less than 900 square feet with one bathroom, but we did it!  I was unplugged more than I've been in months, and it was a needed break before diving back into work. But, with work comes joyful times like capturing the sweetest family behind the lens:
I've posted about Diana a couple of times on the blog, and I'm so excited to add her adorable family's faces to the mix. These kiddies are just as sweet in person as they seem in the photos--it's actually hard to tell who had more fun during the shoot (me or the kids). 
If you guessed whether there might have been explosions of laughter, "chocolate monsters," a "black sock monster," and "flying monkeys," then you are absolutely right. There were
I'm warmed to the core when I see families that exude love as much as this family does. It brings me back to how life was when I was a child, getting hugged and swung around in the air by my dad, racing to the back door when my mom got home from work, and scooting, sliding, and galloping through the house with my sister.

The top photo of Diana and her daughter almost brings tears to my eyes…when Clay saw me editing the photos, I told him that I may just need an adorable little being of my own. 
This is just a sneak of the photo shoot. You can't even begin to imagine how hard it was for me to narrow down the shots for this post. More to come next week!

Clay's family is coming to visit for the weekend and the beginning of next week, so I have a feeling love-filled days are on the way again. :) 

Have a beautiful weekend, guys!


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