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Monday, December 8, 2014


Ahhh, it's really beginning to feel like the holidays! Beautiful lights are sprouting up all over downtown and around parks, and we finally put up a little Christmas tree last night! For a hilarious moment when we were trying to figure out where the tree would actually fit, I felt like Bridget Jones when she couldn't fit the "tree monster" inside her tiny flat in London.

I've been trying  to keep my mouth zipped about an exciting project that took place at the end of September, and I'm very excited to finally share that I had the honor of working with Houston's PaperCity Magazine to create illustrations for a spread featuring Uptown Park in their December 2014 issue.

Thought it'd be fun to share a little behind-the-scenes if you're interested. :)

The development of the cover for the spread was especially fun; I was asked to illustrate Uptown Park's shopping complex and show the fun of shopping during the holiday season, with a fashionista in the foreground, happily indulging in her guilty pleasure.

I ended up providing a few options to choose from as I couldn't decide on a favorite girl:

We ended up developing a spunky little lady with an equally cute pup by her side:

I still don't even know which girl would have been my top pick! Do you have a favorite?

The next illustration was one of the hardest for me to create as far as figuring out how to depict two friends shopping and walking through the street of Uptown Park. I was wondering if the women should be walking toward the viewer, but in the end, they were depicted crossing the cheery, holiday-filled streets, side-by-side:
It was so cool to see how PaperCity placed the girls within the page:
This little illustration (pictured below) ended up being the fastest to create. I love her sweet little pale pink tutu paired with that open-back cozy sweater:

Check out PaperCity's Dec 2014 issue to see her in the spread. :) 

Below is another sketch that was sent in to get further developed. Finally, I had the chance to illustrate a male for a change! I was particularly tickled with the whiskey glass in his hand. 

Ridiculous? Yes.
Here are the little loves in the finished layout:

I would like to think these two would get along quite well. The mistletoe was a ridiculous afterthought, made specially for this blog post.  
So there you have it! I enjoyed every bit of perusing the digital issue, and I can't wait to scramble through the oversized printed issue with my own two hands in the comfort of our little apartment. 

I'm waiting like an expectant hawk for this to come up in the mail:
Houston December 2014 Issue, PaperCity Magazine

Hope you guys are enjoying December so far!


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