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Monday, March 9, 2015



I'm still alive and kicking--I come bearing proof. ;) 

I've had wonderful opportunities to do photo shoots with amazing people around Austin, but I have to say that a shoot I did this past month had to be one of my very favorites, and consequently, most memorable. 

This was my first newborn shoot ever, and I was able to experience firsthand the love of a new mama and her baby girl. Meet the beautiful duo:
Remember these little loving flamingos from a few years back? I couldn't help but pull them out again when I saw that little Hayden's outfit was entirely decked out in pink birds. 
Jess, the founder of Velma Magazine and now CEO to sweet Hayden, is one of the biggest go-getters I've met. You guys. Jess was emailing the Velma team even when she was in labor to make sure an issue went smoothly. Now that is dedication coupled with an extreme tolerance of pain!
It was amazing to see the motherly love Jess instinctually had for Hayden; all the photos were between Jess and Hayden were candid, and my easy job was to show how Jess interacted with Hayden. 

Clay and I don't have any little ones yet (minus the frustrated + hairy one), so the love I see between moms, dads, and their new additions to the family is something indescribable for me. I have no doubt you other beautiful mamas out there can agree on that bond. 
On the warm, drizzly weekend that we met for the shoot in Jess's adorable bungalow-esque home in the coveted Old West neighborhood close to downtown Austin, we took time to catch up, coo at Hayden, and run to sunny windows when the sun would slip in through the glass for a few moments. 
Hayden was a tiny trooper and diligently slept most of the time, allowing me to scamper around and capture shots with her sleepy body draped over her mom's shoulders. 
I felt like a terrible person when Hayden woke from her slumber as we tried to fix her in multiple positions near the window, but she continued to be pretty agreeable and give us her very best flamingo poses. Isn't the photo with her pink hat the best?? I couldn't stop squawking when I finally had the chance to see the photos in large-format while editing. 
I'm pretty positive Miss Hayden will be just as beautiful as her mama as she continues to grow. Genetics can be quite appreciated when it comes to things like that. 
Cheers to you, Jess, on this amazing new chapter in your life!

And thanks to you all for taking a look at one of my favorite shoots. :) Kisses!

P.S. Check out PASADYA's Facebook page for a slew of extra photos! 


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