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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Long time, no see, guys!

I didn't mention it yet, but I've been working with a talented group of women publishing the first issues of a women-in-tech magazine called Velma here in Austin. I've been part illustrator, part photographer for the group, and I gotta say, I love meeting the women who contribute to the magazine each month. 

I've been scrounging around to find the time to finish editing all of my zillion shots of each super-fun photo shoot, and I thought this little blog would be the perfect outlet to share their outtakes. Check out the Velma issues to see the photos that are featured in the magazine each month!

I have a crazy long way to go as far as editing, but umm, baby steps.

Let's start with Chelsea, who was in Issue 01:
Before meeting with Chelsea, my car conveniently overheated the day before, so thankfully, a friend chauffeured me around the city to my shoots. So very sweet, don't you think?  He quickly became my photographer assistant, proving to both Chelsea and me that he was in fact very talented at the task at hand. :) You should have seen the guy galloping around, moving iPhone cords from one counter to another and clearing the already pristine surfaces as best as any enthusiastic assistant could. 

For Velma, photo shoots of contributors take place either at their workspaces, their homes, or even a place in Austin that inspires them. Chelsea chose to have the shoot at her home, which enthralled my friend and me, of course. You should have seen us drooling around each room in her beautiful home! 
I usually try to keep photo shoots for Velma within a 20-30 minute timeframe, but if I'm having a little too much fun, I may tend to go overboard and want to hang out for 10,000 hours. This particular shoot was SO much longer than my timeframe, ha!
How can you not love the hand-crafted furniture and soothing colors on the walls?
And you GUYS. The kitchen! Don't you want to drink in that sunlight streaming from the window and use that pretty teapot perched on the lovely stovetop to make 12 cups of tea in the morning? I dooo think so, very much indeed.
As previously stated, I gawked at every room, including the kitchen. 

"Did you hire a designer to flip the house??" I barked at Chelsea, who was extremely humble and said that she picked out all of the materials by herself. Meaning, on her own. I gawked some more.
So not only is Chelsea a talented business woman (and underlying designer); she also has the exuberant, genuine personality the makes anybody want to be around her. I wish you could have been there behind the scenes! Pretty sure I chuckled and chortled continuously. But hey, it's really not my fault, seeing that I'm stuck with people who cause me to do so. 
Chair (pictured two photos above) created by Tony and Lori Linder of Litmus Industries

Well, we've reached the end of the post, sadly. 

You can read Chelsea's article in Issue 01 of Velma, and you can also stayed tuned with Mable, one of the local, creative companies she's involved in (on top of her other jobs and priorities!). 

You can also see what Velma has up her sleeve daily via Twitter and Facebook

I have so many other outtakes to share of wonderful women in Austin who were so kind to lend their time and talents to Velma! More to come--slowly but surely, mind you. 

Have a pretty night!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

she has such a lovely home!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Hi Naomi! Yeees, she really does. That's a very big compliment coming from you! Hope you're doing well! x

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