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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Hey guys! I've been kept busy for ages, and oh man, have I been wanting to share how pretty Austin is in the midst of it all!

Take this mooring, for example. You can start your day before the sun rises and spend an hour or two exploring before hampering down to work. You're likely to see gorgeous sights! Here were a few of the views from this morning:
I leaned out the balcony and snapped the quiet view of the city...both Austin and I were waking up together for once! 
I went around the corner of our apartment and took photos of a pretty unwilling subject at a coffee shop (i.e. husband), but also took shots of the calm sky and lake, which were much more agreeable subjects, if you were wondering.
I took shots of another subject at the coffee shop (our dear friend who is also new to Austin--freshly transplanted from sunny Florida), and I caught the dynamic views of the lake as the sun was quickly rising (i.e. I was GALLOPING to get the photos)...
...and I saw vibrant bursts of pink along with swaying palm trees in the warm light. :) 

I tell friends (old and new) that my heart is breaking from loving Austin too much. Is this normal?? 


Unknown said...

These pictures are stunning!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Daisy, thank you! I owe it all to the view. :) Hope you're doing well!

Kristen Marie said...

This looks like a beautiful place! :-)

Unknown said...

It really is, Kristen! :) So lucky to be here!

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