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Friday, June 6, 2014


GUYS. It's been 1.7 thousand years since we've had an Art + Story Friday. What? It's crazy when you think it hasn't been very long since doing something that was once so usual to you, and then all of sudden the flow is gone.

When I sat down to write a short story to go with this particular piece, I fond myself at a loss for words, realizing that a lack of writing practice can certainly dampen your skill set. But happily, once I started thinking about how I needed to clear my head, it all came together.

This piece makes me think of "Magic" by Coldplay. Enjoy, and have a great weekend. :)
I lay in the white sheets, trying to lift my heavy lids over tired eyes. The sun was already spilling through the blinds of massive window, testing me to stumble out of bed and let the warm rays enter the room fully.
Already alert, he had rummaged his way out under the covers, and was turning on the cool water in the shower.

I’ll give myself those few extra minutes before I leave my sleepy world.

That’s what clarity is like: it has the magnetic aspect of emerging from a storm feeling full of life, coming out of sickness bright-eyed and clearheaded, and feeling the cold water rush over your skin after diving into translucent surges of waves.
It also has the serene side too, though. It’s like allowing your body the few precious moments of rest before the start of the day, placing yourself in the midst of quiet while everyone else bustles along toward the deadlines, and smelling rain in the air before the storm hits.

He is the magnetic part, and I attempt to be the serene. Maybe tomorrow I’ll join him before the sun’s rays ascend over the buildings. Today, however, I’m enchanted by the calm.


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