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Friday, June 13, 2014


Happy Friday, guys! This week slipped behind my back, and by the moment I had spun around to catch it, I realized it was already gone. I do have a little something for you, though. :) Here's the newest Art + Story for the week. The image is a bit hard to see at its size, so you can check out Pasadya's Facebook page for larger views. 

Enjoy, and have an awesome weekend!That day, work was thrown to the sideline to make room for playtime. We took as long as any girl would to gather our things for the springs (entirely too long), were considerably careful to locate the perfect patch of cushioned grass under the sun, jumped off diving boards in the fashion of fish flopping into turbulent waters, shared freezing, sticky snow cones under the shade, scuttled across four lanes of traffic to get to the giant park, threw frisbees with boys and nestled under trees, and began to hear the music and watch the crowds form below the stage as the the sky fell to dusk.

Once nightfall came, we found ourselves gathered on the towels and blankets, munching, drinking, and listening. Threatened by the swarming crowd, we made our way back home through the pitch-black back roads, winding and twisting this way and that. 

We found ourselves at the coffee shop, and after clamoring our way up to the fourth floor of the quiet adjacent building, cold coffees in our palms, we had reached our meeting place. That wasn't enough, though. Back down to the pool we went, despite closing hours. 

The rebels in the group didn't care; those of us who are rule-followers tried to stay as quiet as a feather hitting a blanket of pillows. We played until the other team beat us to twenty-one, all the while erupting in whispered shrieks. 

As we sat in a dripping circle on the rooftop, the night wrapped us up in its soft breeze and view of the city beneath our chins. In the end we had to part ways, but nevertheless, here's to more Wednesdays like this.


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