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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I've spent a lot of time recovering from seeing a multitude of family and friends, getting sick, and searching for a lost wedding ring. 

All good endings regarding all three:
+ Hangouts (very needed and appreciated)
+ Body breakdown (unwelcome, but became a reason to indulge in tea and Filipino treats in bed)
+ Ring (I was Gollum when I lost it, muttering "Precious…", and elatedly found it in my shoe [???] after the sweet husband spent almost two entire hours taking apart our bedroom and flipping it upside down with me to find the very tiny, shiny thing)
Meanwhile, Xena could have cared less about anything…although she did peer around with buggy eyes as we took the entire bed apart during the ring debacle. 

Happy mid-week, you guys. :) 


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