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Friday, April 13, 2012


Are you so happy right now? It's finally Friday, my loves! You know what that means....our weekly story time. Gather!

She stood in the warm sand, massaging her feet as they sank into the soft grains, squinting in the sunlight and surveying the natural beauty around her. She had never been to the beach before. She breathed in deeply, reflecting on her newfound love for the smell of the sea-salt air. Delicately, she pointed the toes of her right foot and dipped them into the ocean. The water swelled and rushed toward her, covering her legs, almost up to her knees. The breeze swelled in and out just as the water did, and her light hair danced around her. She gazed at the astounding variations of blues and greens before her, rising and falling, sparkling in the sunlight. She closed her eyes, feeling the breeze ripple through her long eyelashes. The breeze pulled downward, and then pushed up again. She lifted both arms and let the power of the wind pick them up. ‘This is what it feels like to fly’ she thought.

Have you ever been to the beach? Better yet, do you remember your very first time there? It was a beautiful, surreal experience for me.

Stay tuned for some incredible beach photography. It's likely to make you WISH you could dip your toes in the ocean!


Sarah Carlson said...

So beautiful! I was at the beach many years ago and am headed there again this summer with my family! I'm itching to be on sand and sea soon!

Inés said...

I love to go to the beach, I have a house right in front of the sea, and its better to me than any spa in the world...just sun, sand, and the smell and sounds of the ocean...PERFECT!

Have the best weekend, Danie!
Big hugs!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Sarah: I can NEVER get enough of the beach! Lucky you!! We live pretty close to the coast (about 2.5 hours), but we don't actually go as much as I'd like to. I'm itching, too!

Ines: Okay. I'm so, SO jealous!!! That IS better than any spa! Oh my gosh, I'm just going to show up at your doorstep one day like an excited, lost puppy. Just letting you know! :)

Happy weekend! I'll be jealous over here thinking about your house location!

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