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Monday, April 9, 2012


Did you have a good weekend?

Photos taken by me this weekend on my iPhone

Wednesday kind of forced me to leave for a trip back to my home town earlier than I had expected, but everything worked out. thank goodness. I got to be with my immediate family the entire time, and I know that I'm so lucky to be able to have that. I admire you all that have the courage and endurance to be separated by loved ones with distance.

This was the longest my husband and I have been apart since we were married (pathetic, I know), and it was funny to hear him tell me the tiniest parts of his day. "Danie, I'm about to eat a sandwich....I'm walking the dog...." Ha. Do your husbands / boyfriends / even friends call you like that whenever you're apart longer than usual? The boy completely deep cleaned the entire house and had an extremely fancy dinner ready with candlelight when I got home. I'm not sure how I can top him once a special occasion rolls around (or if I just feel like being nice). Guess I'll order something gourmet and pretend I made it?

I can't believe I used to think Texas was ugly as a child. Ridiculous...

What did you do this weekend?


Rosa said...

Welcome back, lovely! Great photos, and you're right...sometimes we don't appreciate the place we've grown up until we've moved away from it. Hope all is well.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Rosa, thank you! It's so good to be back again. Thank you! I wish I could quickly take great photos on manual with a nicer camera, but I think I would be in the weeds and flowers for about three hours trying to capture it, so I stick with my trusty phone. Yes, I keep dreaming of moving all over the place, but Texas will always hold that special place in my heart. I definitely realize that now. Hope all is well for you, too!

Sarah Carlson said...

Gorgeous! I love how natural and free everything is. Gardens are nice, but there is something so beautiful about wild growth.

Unknown said...

Wow these are seriously beautiful! That is such a sweet thing he did for you. Glad you had a good weekend. Our was so much fun too!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Sarah: Thank you! I couldn't bear not to take pictures during the drive. I'd be kicking myself once the flowers disappear.

Daisy: Aren't they?? Oh my gosh, I know! I'll be the first to admit that I'm more than a tad bit spoiled. Thank you! So glad you had a good one also!

Holly said...

It is so hard to be apart from loved ones. My family is in Canada, but my husband and I live in Germany and it's quite difficult at times. Just last night I had a terrible longing for my sister.

Thank goodness for what's app and Skype!

However, my husband's mom lives in Berlin, so this weekend we spent it with her for Easter. She organized a mini Easter egg hunt for us on Sunday morning. I realized I'll never be too old for chocolate hunting!

I've never been to Texas, but seeing it through your eyes definitely makes me want to visit :)


Danie at Pasadya said...

Oh Holly, I can't imagine. Yes, thank goodness for ways to stay in touch!

How sweet! I'm glad you got to see your mother-in-law! I don't really think I can ever be too old for chocolate either! Or egg hunts, for that matter.

I hope you can sometime! It's pretty hot and dry, but it really is beautiful once you take the time to notice.

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