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Friday, April 13, 2012


What are your plans for the weekend? We've been out of town every weekend of this entire month, so I'm excited to do "home" things, like attempting to start a garden, forcing my husband to watch Sex and the City with me, PAINTING!!, working on some neglected projects that are begging to get finished, and going lap swimming. Yes, we got a punchcard at the pool that five high schools use to train their swim teams! I was a little over-excited (I used to be a swimmer in high school) and accidentally kept cutting my husband off in the middle of his sentences as we were asking the director about lap swimming information. My husband tells me that the average four-year-old asks over 100 questions (or is it that the average fourth grader asks 400 questions?) per day....I'm sure BOTH of those estimates are wrong....and says that I ask more. It's probably true if I didn't even realize I was interrupting him every 2.5 seconds.

I am very excited about this endeavor because I finally have a swimsuit that doesn't fit me like an overstuffed burrito. Yeah, I didn't feel like paying 100 bucks for a suit, so I found a Speedo swimsuit that I decided would work even though it gouged into my shoulders and barely allowed my arms to flail around in the water. Let's say that describing my effort to squeeze it on my body as an ordeal is an understatement. I would like to brag that I found not one, but TWO Nike suits that don't suffocate me, and they we under 20 dollars each. *Insert one million smiley faces.* Yes, I'm done now.

So speaking of a different type of swimming in a much larger body of water...

Photo taken by Rosa

Doesn't this look dreamy? It was taken by Rosa, my very first blogging friend and confidant. I think I met her when I was around this point, and she was at this point. Her photos drew me in, and I felt an instant connection with her when I realized that she was also a new blogger AND Filipino! The beginning of blogging was hard for me, and I was enthralled to have even three members or any comments at all. I was wondering if I was even talking to anyone and if it was worth the effort share my art, but you all have been so amazing to me, and I really do feel like this is worthwhile. I can't begin to thank you enough for that!

But yes, lovely Rosa was, and still is, such a stronghold to me. She would always read my monstrously long emails, and her encouragement, viewpoints, and wit have pushed me along my little way. Rosa, you're a dear!

Do you remember your first blogging friend? What was your experience?

Make sure to "jump in" this weekend, please!


Rosa said...

*Blush*. Thank you, Danie. Having you as my blogging friend is incredibly encouraging and inspiring. You're important to me because you show me just what is possible. You make me laugh, and your spirit and creativity are a joy to witness. SO glad we're in each other's orbit!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Oh, Rosa, of course! You're always the sweetest! I'm so glad, too! Thanks again for letting me use your photo for my post. :)

Inés said...

Danie, I love this post, it´s so wonderful to learn that you can found soul mates during this blogging journey...I loved Rosa's place, by the way, thank for introduce her to me!
This Sunday we are heading to our beach house, I know your dream, and you are invited, anytime!
I’ll tell you how it went on Monday!
Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

Big hugs!

Gertrude from said...

As I am still very new in blogging I can say that although I haven't made a strong blog friend relationship,I have found your comments very encouraging!So I am proud to admit that you,Danie,are one of the first that said a good word for my work! Thank you,a thousand times!!!!!!

Ana Degenaar said...

You are such a lovely person, Danie! So happy I met you through this space xoxoxox

Anna @ IHOD said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! Don't you hate swimsuit hunting? So hard to find them at an affordable rate. Glad you did!
:) BEAUTIFUL photo!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ines: You are always so sweet! You really make me smile every time I read your comments. :) It really is amazing how close you can feel to people doing the same things you are trying to do! I feel close to you as well, sweet Ines! So glad you like Rosa's blog! I love her wit and attentive observation of the world around her. Ah! I told my husband about your home, and he was in awe also. You are such a dear! Wouldn't it be the best to meet in person?! I can't wait to hear all about it! Hope you had a wonderful time.

Gertrude: I had no idea! Well, you are very encouraging to me! I figured you had been blogging for a long time because your layout is so well done. I am STILL working on mine! Ha, everything is a work in progress right now. No, no, thank YOU! :)

Durga: Thank you! Of course! I'm actually a bit behind on adding major details about my blog, and the changes are coming soon. :) If there's anything specific you would like to know in the meantime, don't hesitate to email me. :) You can reach me at Thank you so much for stopping by!

Ana: I think you're the lovely one! I am SO happy we met also, and your work and candor inspire me every single day. Thank you for that!

Anna: Oh gosh, yes, I hate it most times! I don't have a problem finding suits for the beach, but when it comes to racing suits, it's such a pain. I was an excited chipmunk when I found those suits for the price. Hope you had a great weekend!

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