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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Remember the middle drawing from this post? This is what I first came up with for a simple digital line drawing, and I thought it would be neat to save the components of the face and then play with different ways to portray the face to create different (but similar) drawings. I think it would be fun to create about 7 or so more illustrations with the same facial structure in different variations and then display them in a long row. I actually have about 4 other lines that use this principle. I'll post those lines sometime to show how they mesh together. This post that has similar lines for wedding dress ideas, and this drawing has variations as well.

If you're interested in the background of my digital drawings, here's what works for me at the moment:

1. I use Photoshop to create my digital line drawings. (These line drawings, on the flip side, are created by hand, and I  erase the background on them for prints. Here's an example of an original line drawing that was later edited to be displayed digitally). If you're interested in learning how to do small things in Photoshop like my "tape" on photos, overlay of text on images, etc., just let me know! I can definitely create some tutorials. I can also give tips on things I WISH I had known when I was first beginning Photoshop if any of you would like to know..such as even knowing how to size your images. I didn't know how to size my freaking images for a good few MONTHS. Kind of made Photoshop extremely difficult. Well, you live and learn, I guess! Oh yeah, and I didn't forget about the "how to draw a face" tutorial. :)

2. I am a little too head over heels for my Intuos tablet. What's awesome about this tablet is that it allows you to control your mouse as if you're just writing with a pen. At first, it was REALLY hard for me to get used to it, and my writing and drawings looked like those of a proud four-year-old. This is the one that I use. I've heard that the Bamboo works well, also.

3. I piddle around and look at nature, fashion, photography, or anything that sparks my interest to get inspired. For the drawings above, I was mostly inspired by thick eyelashes and glassy eyes. It just evolved from there.

Hope you're having the best Thursday so far!


Sarah Carlson said...

Thanks for the wonderful advice! I'm not really an artistic/graphic designer, but the Intuos tablets look so amazing, I've been dying to get one! Cool idea to keep the face and change elements! Love that.

Unknown said...

I love all of these. thanks for sharing all the background...I'm always interested in learning the story behind an artist's work.

Anonymous said...

I love the different hair. It changes the personality of the image so much. I love it.


Danie at Pasadya said...

Sarah: You're welcome! Anybody that wants to even add little details like different brush strokes and handwriting would love the tablet! It's hilarious because my husband actually talked me into getting one...and now I can't be separated from it. Yeah! Saving elements makes digital drawing SO much easier. :)

Monica: Thank you so much! I love reading about your photography background! I'm so excited to have a learning day and read through a ton of your tutorials. I have SO much to learn!

Wren: Thank you so much, sweet! Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

Hannah said...

You're very talented! Wish I could do that!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Lo said...

I found this very interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing!

YONKS said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog in the UK and commenting.

Have looked through your entire blog. Wow girl, you have some talent. I love that you keep a grey/yellow theme running through. Very stylish and I will watch with interest as you develop. Off to visit your Etsy shop now.

Have a great weekend!

Ana Degenaar said...

These are gorg! I love my wacom :)

Kyla said...

These are so pretty! And I agree about the tablet, I would be so lost without mine.

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

Wow, those drawings are great!!! love them!!!!

love K

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you all so much! You're so sweet to say that. Yeah, I would pretty much die without my Intuous!

Di's: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the kind words. And of course! I had so much fun visiting! Your Etsy shop is so well done, by the way! I have a lot to learn. Thank you so much for your encouragement!!
Hope you have the best weekend!

Lena said...

I literally just purchased Photoshop last week.. you know to take advantage of that student discount right before it was all over. Anyway, I would LOVE a Photoshop tutorial. I've been having a ton of fun just playing around, but sometimes it'd kind of be nice to know what I was doing. Hah!

Also, don't freak out when you have quite a few comments from me. I added you to my Mac's Reader and for some reason it brought me back to the same post every time, so I just thought that Pasadya hadn't been updated recently. That is until I clicked on your header to refresh and I realized that I'd missed out on like a billion posts. So, whoa.. I have some catching up to do.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Lena: Oh, wonderful! Ha, I always stress myself out "tinkering" with things when I don't know what I'm doing! Alright then, I'll do a Photoshop tutorial. :) So glad you're interested!

You're hilarious!! I promise I'm not freaking out. I hate it when that happens to me! Well, I'm in the middle of redesigning the blog layout, so hopefully it's cleaner for readers and super easy to navigate as far as new posts and categories. Hope all has been well!!

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