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Friday, April 20, 2012


Happy Friday, everyone! Well, I've been a bit late on posting this week, but I hope to get on a better schedule next week. Yesterday I got so flustered and even managed to lose a BIG painting that I was trying to photograph. Hoooow??? Make way! Crazy artist is lost! I spent about half an hour looking for the darn thing and finally found it hanging around outside where I had left it on a chair. My gosh. Later that night, my husband accidentally made me laugh so hard that I was unable to breathe. He was joking around while "working out" to the most ridiculous song in the world, and when he starting his overzealous pushups, he SMASHED his poor forehead on the tile. A huge red bump surfaced on that forehead, complete with the formed crease from the grout line between the tiles. He's just thankful he didn't knock his teeth out...well, me too! I'm sure he'll hate me for letting you know.

ANYWAY, there is one example of our life together. That brings me to the following story. Ahem, now gather!!

This song makes me think of this story, without a doubt.

All was still around her, except for the occasional rustle of pages being delicately handled by prospective readers. The rare thumping of footsteps would tread down the long hallway, audible from her spot in the middle the vast, echoing room. She stared at her massive pile of papers; it was work she had undertaken nearly two years prior, work that was in the slow, methodical process of compilation, sometimes interrupted with frenzied explosions of creativity and quick thought documentation. These papers, once structured into a formal document resembling a small book, would mark the end of her vigorous schooling and identify her hard work and struggles.

In complete exhaustion, she slowly rubbed her dreary eyes, then vigorously massaged her tousled hair. She dropped her head on the messy wooden worktable housing her designs and text and left it there for a moment. This is feeling like an absolute eternity, she thought. After dragging both arms up from the cold, metal arms of the wooden chair, she managed to reach the limbs to the table’s smooth surface. She propped both elbows up on the white veneer, wiggling her hands under her chin, then finally lifting her head. After letting out an exaggerated yawn, she blinked, coaxing herself to get back to her work.

She looked up at the skylights on the white tiled ceiling, noticing the sunlight shining down, but then disappearing behind the blanket of clouds. Mesmerized by the fluid movement of the clouds against the strength of the sunshine, she fell deep into the memory that always came back to her during exhaustion or mind wandering. She was taken back once again.

He was standing in her view, squinting in the sunlight. His brown, curly locks glimmered in the sunlight, blowing every which way around his head. She noticed his neck, strong from the years of football and violin playing, his kind lips that never failed to turn upward into a smile while showing his naturally straight, white teeth which never required braces, and his eyes that matched the color, movement, and vibrancy of the ocean behind him. He yelled her name, barely audible against the sound of the wind and the crashing waves, beckoning her to join him in the sand and water. She could not even count the number of times he had made her laugh to the point of tears, the times he had comforted her during what she classified as absolute tragedies.

That time, for instance, when he showed up at her doorstep after she had failed that horrible exam . “It’s totally okay,” he smiled, handing her the Vanilla Bean Frappuchino (he understood her too well, knowing that the frothy drink alone would make her smile). He swiftly moved his other hand from behind his back, revealing the small, fuzzy brown stuffed bear held by his thumb and index finger, accompanied by the card pinched between his ring and pinkie fingers. After handing both to her, she stared at the front of the card. It was a series of three illustrated pictures in a column. In the first image, a dog was sitting alone in the rain, pitifully staring down at the sidewalk. The second picture depicted the sad, wet dog looking over to his right, noticing another dog holding an umbrella, ears perked. And, in the third photo, the dog with the umbrella approached the dog without one, sharing the shelter of the umbrella and ultimately transforming the attitude of the once sad dog. She looked up, teary eyed, not knowing what to say. He just embraced her, as he always did. She felt safe. Loved. He had always made her feel beautiful, strong, intelligent, and worthy of anything.

How in the world could she have left…

She blinked, realizing she was out of her nostalgic trance. Stupid boys, she thought. The ones she had been dating were never like him. They never could be like him. She felt so far away. So far from success…from adventure…from love. Sighing, she picked up her pen to begin her tumultuous work again, oblivious to her future that would be filled with the unexpected: her line of work would be something she had never imagined, she would travel to and live in places she had never dreamed of, and, most importantly, she would share this new life with her first true love.


Inés said...

Beautiful song Dany, and better illustration, I love your "hand" and your anecdotes, sweet is what comes in mind... I share my life with my first true love, so I can relate to that beautiful lyrics... By the way...Congratulations are in order, dear! I´m so proud to be a witness to this are all grow up now...I´m so happy for you!

Have the best weekend, Danie!

Big hugs!

Unknown said...

and then what!!? This is great, I want to know the rest of the story. You are so gifted girl.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ines: Thank you so, so much!! That's so wonderful that your husband was your first love! That's how it was for me, too. We have a super long history and were apart for years, but when we met up again, that was it. Thank you for your huge encouragement! Happy weekend!

Daisy: Ha!! Well, I guess the rest is up to yooou. :) Unless...sequel time!! That's an idea. Thank you so much! Your posts always make me laugh out loud. I love following your new married life!

Holly said...

once again, love the story and the illustration!

The ending sort of surprised me and made me feel all hopeful. Thank you!!


Danie at Pasadya said...

Holly, thank you! Haha, I tried to keep it a bit lighter at the end since it was pretty heavy in the middle. I just kind of pulled things from my own life, so the inspiration was in front of my face. So glad you felt hopeful and not sad by it!

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