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Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, I was planning on posting this before it arrived, but I was beaten to it! Looks what's happily perched on my index finger as of now:

1, 2, 3

Well, I'd like to have ALL of these, but for now, I'm the owner of #1. Aren't they beautiful, though? These rings are handcrafted by Jen of The Nautical Wheeler. My mouth dropped a little bit when I saw the Druzy rings posted on her blog, and when I saw the metallic little beauty, I broke down and decided it was meant to be. I'm usually not that much of a ring wearer (except for my wedding ring), but these are too pretty to pass up. The Druzy rings are under $40, and my little baby was under $20. Umm...whoa??! I've been in love with her stone necklaces for a good long while, also. That option B is killing me.

If you like the kind of earthy, simplistic style but don't feel like spending 19874973 dollars, get yourself over to her shop! If you don't sprint, I'll probably buy it all before you have the chance to blink. Sorry in advance.

Happy Monday!


Jess said...

oooh I'm jealous of your new ring! I like the middle one best, but mostly because I have a necklace that would match it!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ha, I'm jealous of people that have the other two rings! You should definitely take a look at her shop, Jess! I LOVE the weight of the ring's heavier than I expected. Cool thing is, they're adjustable, too. The black one may have to be the next one on my that's okay, we won't be fighting over rings! ;)

Sarah Carlson said...

So pretty! I love the first and the third. They're so glamorous and natural.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! I love the first one, so simple, natural, and classic! Great choices.

Rosa said...

OK, that ring is gorgeous...and I can't believe the price...going over to check it out now.

hope in high heels said...

Under $20!? I had to read that three times... I feel sure you've left a zero off! It's gorgeous and am heading there to check out the rest of her stuff!

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Am so glad to have found your fabulous blog - am following and look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful. Seriously. I love rings but I like to be able to wear them all the time (as in when I go to bed and in the shower). Are they sterling silver?


beina said...

Thank for becoming my follower and for you comment!!!!!
Have a nice day!!!

Satin and Souffles said...

This is my kinda jewelry! So beautiful! Following x


kat @ dot dot dash said...

ooo, so want that ring, it's fabulous!! envious over here!
x kat

Kyla said...

These are so gorgeous! I'm definitely going to check out her shop...I do love that these aren't ridiculously expensive!

Júlia - Al lado de un río said...

thanks for the visit! nice blog!

nicole said...

Hi! I found you via Melissa Blake's blog. I LOVE these rings... and they're so affordable! Thanks for sharing. I'm following your lovely blog now. xo.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks, loves! I can't get over these pretty little rings! I'm wearing mine right now! She really is such a good seller, and her shipping is RIDICULOUSLY fast!

Hope in High Heels: Of course! Loved reading about all of your adventures in NYC! So crazy you moved there all the way from overseas! Thank you so much! And yes, under $20! Just one zero! Pretty crazy. :)

Wren: Ahh, that's how I am with my wedding ring. I think you have to be more careful with these, though. The one I have is on a brass band, so I don't think it can be in the water. You should definitely get in touch with Jen, though, via Etsy conversation or her blog. I'm not sure, but she may have some sterling silver.

Beina: Of course! Your happy personality always makes me smile. It's sweet to read how much you care for your boyfriend.

Satin and Souffles: First of all, I love saying your blog name! So fun! Thank you so much!!

Nicole: I LOVE Melissa! One of her links on Friday made me laugh so hard I cried. You're so welcome! They're too amazing not to share! Thank you so much!! So glad you're here!

Nicole Rene said...

Gorgeous fun and spunky rings!!!! :) The first ring is the prettiest one!! I love it!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Nicole: I couldn't agree more! That's totally the one I got! I. LOVE. it. Love it!!

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