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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So apparently, today marks the first official day of fall! You know how much I adore my summertime; this calls for a look back on the happy summer of 2014. :) 
I started my days with chocolate, delicious breads, fresh fruit, and tea--one of the best ways to begin your workload, right? 
I explored gorgeous Austin constantly. These two pictures are from a little peninsula called Redbud Park and the cool waters of Barton Springs, one of which is walking distance from our apartment! 
Many of the explorations were performed with the puppy. She's always ecstatic to come anywhere with us, fortunately. The two photos above are from Barton Springs again. 
The sweet husband of mine cooked deliciousness and brought it to me in bed. I wholeheartedly admit that I'm a spoiled sloth. 
We enjoyed slashing around with the adorable littles in the pool, spending time with family, and working late into the night on crazy fun projects
I'd say that's a wrap! Summer, you were grand this year. 
Now, onward to fall! You guys ready for this??


My Life journal said...

Nice blog!
would you like to follow each other dear? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mustika! Looking forward to checking your blog out! :)

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