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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've been a long-haired girl for about 98.5% of my life. All you other long-hairers know how hard it is to chop it off as much as I do, right? As of a few weeks ago, I went nuts pinning shorter hairstyles on Pinterest, photoshopping my face on top of people's photos with adorable short hair (creepy much?), and wasting insurmountable amounts of time scouring the internet for the perfect hair.

Christina, a dear friend of mine from San Antonio (and wife to one of my husband's teammates at their startup), ended up making the chop, and it was worth the drive from Austin back to San Antonio to get it done!

I was honored to create the branding for Christina's business--something we had been talking about doing for a long time beforehand. The inspiration boards were packed full of colorful bursts, playful twists, and beautiful vibrancy, just like Christina herself. If you live in San Antonio or are ever around the area, I would highly recommend this sweet girl for cuts and colors.
A big thank you to Jenni for taking photos of the new hair!

Branding by PASADYA for Christina Colors


Unknown said...

You are so sweet Danie! Thanks AGAIN for all that you've done to help me grow my business! Which, by the way, has exploded since you've helped me out! Loved doing your hair, maybe next time we can try some color!? Love you darling!

jenny said...

Beautiful! Both the hair and the branding design!!!

Olivia-my-heart said...

It looks SO good!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Oh my gosh, Christina, of course! :) Maybe I'll be a bit braver next time! Love you! <3

Aw, Jenny, thank you so very much!

Olivia, thank you!! :)

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