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Monday, July 29, 2013



My plan of posting every now and then during the trip completely backfired, apparently, but after sore legs every day, sweating profusely on non-airconditioned trains, desperately wishing to scoop up the tiniest three-year-olds speaking French to take back home, stuffing our faces with pizza and gelato, jumping off of piers 40 feet above water, and surviving the shakiest ride back in the plane through a thunderstorm, I would like to point out that I'm back in the United States of America.

Only in our house for two days, I've found myself wistfully thinking about Europe. Except Rome, which nearly killed me. Just's just such an intense city, with the cumulation of smells (not great), sounds (okay), and sights (monumental).

I was scoffed at by my fellow expedition partners (aka my older sister and my husband) for my insatiable urge to stare through the camera lens and maniacally bask in the glory of the sound of the shutter that was constantly galloping like horses' hooves, but I would like to point out (again), that some beeeaautiful photos that ALMOST serve these places justice became the byproducts of my annoying habits.

Care to look at a few sneak peeks?

Oh, and can you guess what my favorite city was?

The wedding (INSANE, by the way>>horse carriages, a venue that resembles Downton Abbey, Rolls Royces) was outside of a beautiful town called Aspley Guise, which I sadly only have a handful of photos of. I'll still share them, so no worries! London, though...I have countless visuals of you. :)
I basically died of excitement in Paris. Overused phrase of mine during those two days: "Merci!"
Ahh, Zurich. The home of gorgeous waters, beautiful temperatures, and insanely expensive food. I can see why, though, based on your tree-lined drives speckled with violinists, pianists, and lovely bands, coupled with the sparkling waters.
And Rome. You scared me sometimes with your intensity, but you honestly made some of the best memories for us.

And who would have known that one of the most crazy-beautiful beach towns is within an hour's reach of Rome by train? This, my friends, was the perfect way to relax before coming back home. Spoiled? Check.

Somehow I'll have to find the power within me to sift thorough my thousands of photos, but I'll definitely share more!

Have you guys ever been to any of these places?? What did you think?

And by the way, I've missed you all!


Anonymous said...

So so glad you had such a marvelous time! I've never been to London, but that's definitely on my bucket list! Beautiful photos...especially of Paris! Please tell me you went to the Louvre! Anyways...glad you're home safely and had a wonderful {and well deserved I'm sure} vacation!

Anonymous said...

i've been to england, but not london and i've been to italy, but not rome. i would love to go back to those countries and explore their capitals as well as the little hidden cities. can't wait to see more of your adventures. i love europe and every time i get to sneak a peek into somebody's album of european advetures, i get a little bit nostalgic and excited as well :)

jenny said...

I have been to zero of those places, sadly. They are all on my list now, especially Sperlonga because holy beautiful! I'm a sucker for a shot of a beach with mountains in the background.

christinelovestotravel said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see more photos and read about your adventures in Europe :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Abby, I bet you'll looove London. It's wonderful. If you go, try to venture out to the countryside's spectacular! Thanks so much for the's almost hard to take a bad photo in Paris. Yes m'am, THAT'S the Louvre! It was sort of hot and crowded, but well worth it to see. Clay had to lift me up to see the Mona glad I have a guy to do that for me, haha. You deserve a vacation too, dear!

Hi Leyla! I'm sure where you went must have been beautiful also! Geez, I'm nostalgic already...

Aww, I hope that changes, Jenni! I was a complete sucker as well...I dashed out of the bus, ran around in the heat and snapped shots until my camera literally ran out of battery. The water was crazy refreshing also! It almost felt as if just a tiny bit of salt was in it. Can't wait to share it with you bit by bit. :)

Thank you, Christine! Can't wait to share! :)

Wendy said...

Beautiful photos.

I browsed through your other posts, too and the pictures are very beautiful!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you, Wendy! I appreciate it so much. :)

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