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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As I'm typing this, it's about 1:20 AM, we're  an hour outside London, and I'm cozied up amidst a mountain of white fluffy sheets and pillows. We spent the day up in the air in the planes getting to Europe, and our first stop is in the countryside for my cousin's wedding that will take place in the gorgeous Woburn.

The people here in England are SO sweet and chatty. We've already learned to adore tea time, English accents (and constant jokes--I fell for saying yes to a right-handed cup of tea as opposed to a left-handed one, ha!), and stormy skies.

My plan is to not drop off the face of the earth as far as blogging, so hopefully I'll have the chance to check in every now and then.

Thank you guys so much for your recommendations again! Can't tell you how excited I am to explore this amazing part of the world!

And with that...goodnight. Zzzzz.


christinelovestotravel said...

Have a great tip Danie (which I'm sure you will)!!!

I wish I can pack as neatly as you. I always over pack on my trips.

Jess said...

Ooohhh I can't wait to see your pics when you get back! Hope you're having a fantastic time!!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Christine, thank you so much! We had such a great time. Actually, I used to be a horrible packer...when I was little I would refuse to leave without eight or so stuffed animals, haha. Packing lighter helped out on this trip SO much!

Jess, I can't wait to share them! My husband was amazed (mortified) at how many pictures I really did take. They're over a thousand, seriously!

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