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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yes. I'm that person that would rather just chug chocolate milk all day like the five year old child with two pigtails rather than be subjected to alcohol (minus the strawberry margaritas my husband makes and the occasional sip of red wine). Super exciting, huh? 

I've had friends try their very best to introduce me to drinks that I should adore, but it just never seems to stick. it weird that beer looks so refreshing to me in the summers? Yet I hate it, you know. I'll just watch my husband enjoy his while taking baby sips from the glass bottle and quickly retracting and making weird faces.

I'll have one of these on any day during the hot summers, however. Nice and cold, mind you. 
We can just drink, dance, and sing to stuff like Florida Georgia Line during the unruly Texas summers. Chilled chocolate milk and country songs, I'm completely ready for you. 
What's your fancy drink of choice? Please don't tell me I'm the only one alone, here. 


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Actually I don't drink very much except for the occasional Tina dn tonic. It just doesn't suit me. Its hard bc it does get pushed on you especially here in London...but I love ginger ale!

jenny said...

I don't drink either. I am all about the ice cold coca-cola. And when I get fancy I make it a Shirley Temple. I figure I am awkward enough when in full control of myself, add alcohol and take away the social filters and it gets really uncomfortable really fast. ;)

Charlotte said...

I drink rose wine and fruity cocktails, but I always end up going back to orange juice or lemonade. (If I'm feeling crazy, orange juice AND lemonade - now that's a cocktail worth drinking) x

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, sounds like you can handle more than I can! My husband was laughing at me last night because I made this post and then started sipping his drink last night. Figures.

Jenni: Haha, I'm awkward enough too! I'm a loser and have never had a shirley temple. Going to try it this weekend I guess! Before I finished reading your entire comment, I thought you were going to say you get fancy by making it a coke float, which my husband's grandma from VERY rural Texas would call a "frosty coke." :)

Charlotte: Haha, it gets dangerous when we non-drinkers get a little crazy . ;) Sounds delicious!

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