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Monday, June 10, 2013


Welp. That's all I can say.

We lost internet connection almost a week ago, and I've been a cave woman traveling to coffee shops on the prowl for a connection to get things done. That's a little over the top, isn't it? Just wanted to say, "Haaay! Hello! I'm alive." :)

My parents came into town and just let a couple of hours ago, and we enjoyed the skies around here.
These pretties are just hanging out in our front yard. Lovely little things.
Before my parents left, my mom retaught me for the 37th time how to thread a sewing machine, in hopes that her non-crafty daughter would take her lead and actually learn to be a part of this sewing business. Must make myself do this!

She also showed me how to cook delicious plantain bananas fried in little wrappers and dusted with powdered sugar to entertain my sweet tooth. Can't wait to create a post to show you the recipe! Perhaps that'll be in the works soon.

I hope you all have been enjoying the week! It's nice to be connected again. :)


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Ha! I thought you went on hols. I can almost her your sigh of relief from all the way over here ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, I had to look up what hols meant! I learn new stuff with you every day! Yes, I'm sighing hugely. :)

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