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Monday, February 18, 2013


Hi, hi! Okay, so I didn't plan on missing last Friday...just have to catch up, I guess!

Did you guys have a good weekend? Here were some bits and pieces of mine:

My husband was sweet and had some flowers delivered to the house, so of course I scattered bits and pieces of it around so I could enjoy it in a bunch of rooms. This little part is sitting on my desk.

The pieces for the fundraiser went on their way Friday morning. I settled on the titles Le Fleur Tropicale (for the single fuchsia plant), Les Fleurs (the big colorful bunch of flowers on canvas), and Carry (the girl with the flowers). I already miss them...

My parents and I went to some outlet malls about an hour away from San Antonio, and I found these little Sperry shoes. They look like baby shoes next to my husband's pair.

My mom (who is an AMAZING cook) and I decided the weekend couldn't end without cake, so we gave this banana cake recipe by The Roaming Kitchen our best shot. Something went a little weird with the frosting (go figure...I was the one doing the frosting), but let me tell you, it was incredible nonetheless. You can bet that I'll be trying this recipe again and take another stab at getting the frosting right.

And right before my parents left to head back home this morning, we made a pineapple, orange, and banana smoothie. Stay tuned for the recipe!!

What did you do over the weekend?


Sarah Carlson said...

Yay for the fundraiser! I did love Carry so much...beautiful! And the cake looks delicious despite and weirdness with the frosting. I can never get it to look as good as it really is!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Hey you can take nice pics too...? Next post you are gonna start singing? ;)

Test said...

That cake looked amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute Sperrys! I'm looking for a pair of cute AND comfortable shoes and leaning towards those.

Kristen Marie said...

I am soooo looking forward to your smoothie recipe! I love a smoothie first thing in the morning with my breakfast! :-)

Laicie said...

Oh wow that banana cake looks amazing! And I love the idea of breaking up your bouquet to enjoy in every room!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Sarah: I think she was probably my favorite also. :) Thank you, sweet! Ha, well the photo shown is by The Roaming Kitchen...ours wasn't quite as pretty, being that the frosting was more like pudding!

Naomi: Er, I "try" is the thing. Been fiddling around with photography for about a year, but before that I was just plain awful. No no, I'll spare you the singing. You'd probably pay me to stop! :)

Punctuation Mark: It really is amazing! You should totally check her other recipes. They're pretty much to die for.

Abby: Ahh, I love them! They have a few small manufacture defects because they were allowed to be sold at an outlet, but I just don't care. Comfort is my new fashion statement!

Kristen: Well yay!! Posting it TODAY!! Hope you like. :)

Laicie: It's DELICIOUS. I'm trying to get back on a super healthy diet, and I can't seem to resist stuff like this. You should try it! I guess it's kinda sad to mess with the arrangement, but I just love seeing it all over the house. :)

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