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Monday, May 14, 2012


Good morning, lovies! How was your weekend? Here's a little recap of ours:

1. FIRST of all, Happy late Mother's Day to all of you sweet moms! Hope it was a beautiful day for you on Sunday. You deserve all the best for putting up with us pesky children. :) I wish I could have been back home to celebrate this important day with my mom and mother-in-law, for sure.

2. While I went gift shopping for very important people, of course I got sidetracked....with..myself. Just LOOK at this orange dress by Kenneth Cole via TJ maxx!! LOOK at it! I didn't buy it...but maybe I'll scoot my way back there.

3. My quick little breakfast before trying out a new church with the boy on Sunday. I closed my eyes and pretended I was at the beach with my toes in the sun. Kinda worked! :)

4. Bandalino wedges from Marshall's. Le SIGH. I didn't buy these either. I'm having a tough time not lusting over them.

5. A rose that the sweetest lady from our new favorite Thai restaurant gave me. She reminded me of my sweet Filipino mama--phenomenal fresh home-coooked food and out-of-this world genuine kindness.

6. Mmm...more food! We had no idea we lived so close to this great seafood/burger place!

7. ...It reminded me so much of beachy places. Aaah, love!

8. Two of my favorites. The black and white one is NOT supposed to be on the bed cuddled amongst those pillows. My husband is a sucker for those big, buggy, pitiful eyes of hers. Obviously.

9. Tummy rubs all always appreciated around here.

10. Something I DID get because we had extra reward points. GOODBYE, ugly brownish (once white) rubber iPhone case. Helllooo, pretty green case.

What did you do this weekend?? Do tell.


Sonia Otero said...

Muy veraniego, relajante, lleno de amor... un fin de semana estupendo!!!!

Rosa said...

Love this post! A great eye break.

Unknown said...

Cute post, nice way to show us your weekend!

Kyla said...

What a fun recap! That orange dress is fabulous...what a gorgeous color! And I love the new iphone cas :)

Gertrude from said...

my dear Danie,this weekend i went to the beach,something you really love!I must say that you are welcome to my home,whenever you come to Greece for holidays!!we have plenty of sun and beach at our doorsteps!!pets are welcome,I have a puppie too!Thanks for all your supportive words today!!

Lena said...

We didn't allow our golden furball on our bed.. and then we did just once. And then it's like the rule disappeared. Le sigh.. they're just so cute!!

Ana Degenaar said...

Such a happy one! I love it. I can almost see you smiling. I am. I had a great weekend, resting and reading ;)

mikky said...

Love eating those crunchy granola bars like in photo 3. Funny I like to close my eyes to and pretend I am at the beach, I often do it when I am standing under the shower. I really like the layout of this post, great design. btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a nice week.

beina said...

It's a wonderful post Danie!!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Sonia; Gracias, Sonia! Estoy tan feliz de que Google Translate me puede ayudar. Espero que hayan tenido un fin de semana! Y espero que este Google Translate es algo correcto.

Rosa: Thank you, sweet! Hope you had a great weekend and a good beer. :)

Freesia: I appreciate it. :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

Kyla: It was such a great weekend! So glad you had a good one also. Yeees those colors are the best.

Gertrude: You are just so sweet! I'm so envious of you! If we're ever in Greece, we know who to call! :) And, if you want a good Texas time with boots and cowboy hats, you are staying with us!

Lena: GAH, I know what you mean. Problem is, ours snores. Loud is an understatement, ha!

Ana: It was one of the best weekends in San Antonio so far. :) Big smiles over here! So glad to hear you're finally getting some much needed rest.

Mikki: Looks like we would get along with our food and pretending! :) And of course. I loved looking around. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

Beina: Thank you, lovely. :)

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