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Friday, March 30, 2012


Well, I'm so excited again for this weekend! Yet another one of our friends is getting married on Saturday in Abilene, and she's been a childhood friend of mine FOREVER. Her parents are Filipino and my mama is Filipino, so you know...instant connection.

Actually, I had one of my very first sleepovers at her house, and I missed home and cried. My dad had to pick me up soon afterwards...before the night ended, of course. Maybe if I have a girl, she won't be as big a baby as I was! Anyway, I am so excited to see this wedding happen!

You can bet that my husband and I will be out on the dance floor like the two nerds we are! Hope you squeeze a little dancing in, too. It can be with a partner or just by yourself. Don't worry, I do it all the time, too!

Have a good one!!


Inés said...

Have the best time, Danie!
I absolutely love to dance, until the point to shamed my children...whenever my husband and I , listened something resembling to music!...

Have a good trip!

Big hugs!

Jess said...

Wow another trip to Abilene? I guess you must have grown up there! I grew up in Fort Worth and I remember my friend moved to Abilene when I was a kid and I was sad :( have fun this weekend!!!!!

Kyla said...

Oooh, that sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Friday Danie! :)

Unknown said...

Have fun! Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

I love weddings! Have a wonderful time. And dance your heart out!!


Spanish Pinay said...

Oh I do love dancing and I love that our little one loves dancing too, so I always have someone to do crazy moves with me :-D

Have a good one!!

Spanish Pinay

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ines: Thank you so much! It was such a good time. Oh!! We would get along too well!! :) Our future children will be so ashamed...

Jess: That would be hilarious if I actually have met your friend!! Aw, that's always so sad when childhood friends move away. Yes, I was born and raised in little Abilene!

Kyla: Thank you! It was wonderful!! Hope you had a great weekend!

E: Thank you so much!! :)

Wren: ME TOO!! Oh gosh, and we husband danced his little heart out even more than I did...

Spanish Pinay: Aw, how sweet!! I hope my future little one wants to dance with her mama! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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