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Friday, March 30, 2012


Finally Friday again, my loves! You know what that gather!!

Today's story is about the overcoming of a bit of musical insecurity. Make sure to listen to THIS SONG while reading the story for the full effect, okie dokie? Okay!

She stared down at the instrument propped in the stand on its usual spot on the rough carpet. He noticed her gazing at it. 

“Wanna play it?” he asked her. 

She kept her eyes on the instrument, wondering if she might accidentally damage it if she tried to awkwardly handle its slender neck and bulky body. 

“It’s okay, you won’t break it,” he laughed, practically reading her mind like he usually did.

He swiftly grasped the handle of the bass and lifted it out of the stand, placing it in her hands. She stared at her small fingers and then looked at his hands as he showed her how to hold the bass, noticing how much enormously larger his hands were compared to hers. 

“Isn’t it going to be hard for me to strum? I mean, look how much bigger your fingers are than mine.”

He got up from the metal chair and turned up the volume on the receiver. 

“This one’s by The Weeks,” he said, nodding his head up and down in unison with the beat. “Hold this chord down and strum,” he told her. “Just like that!”

The chords of the bass were a little hard to handle with her fingers, but she strummed again, beaming as the sound came from the instrument and took it its place with the music.

Growing up in a musical family (my sister teaches music), it's kind of surprising that I can't play anything, really. Give me a paintbrush, and I'm happy! I would love to master an instrument someday, though.

So what about you, my dears? Have you ever played an instrument before? What was your first experience with it? 


Unknown said...

I played the oboe in middle school and high school, I wouldn't know what to do with one if you gave it to me now. I too am much more of a visual artist than an audio one.

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I use Olay anti-aging stuff already, just need to remember to use them. haha

I'm smitten with your lipstick suggestion, this may be the first lipstick I've ever looked at fondly.

Your comments are always appreciated

Danie at Pasadya said...

Oh, I heard oboe is one of the most difficult instruments to learn (along with the french horn), so kudos to you, Bekuh! Yes, I'd much rather paint any day!

You're so welcome! Sorry for that monstrously long comment. You need to try it! I wasn't confident enough to wear it at first, and I've only worn it a handful of times. I always love it, though, and I'm finally feeling less ridiculous when I wear it. It seems to work best for me whenever I apply chapstick first and then put the lipstick on. :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

How beautiful!
My dream was to learn to play many instruments. We have a very musical artistic family. I learned piano and guitar but would love to try violin one day:)
Paintrbrush is more my instrument too though!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Danie at Pasadya said...

How cool, Anna! My husband has been playing the violin since he was a child, and he tried to teach me once in high school. I squeaked and screeched my way through Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and he still wants to teach me. The story was actually inspired by him when we were still dating (he tried to teach me the bass). I'll keep trying, but I may just have to stick to my inner (visual) artsy fartsy ways!

Holly said...

Great illustration and story to go along!

Sadly, I don't know how to play any instrument either. I would love to be able to play the piano one day. I do love the sound of violins ... but it seems like a super hard instrument to learn. So we'll just leave it to listening enjoyment. But when I dance (which I love to do, studied ballet, jazz and modern dance) I find myself most connected to percussion - although I don't think I'd enjoy playing any of those. So I guess piano it is, lol.

My husband plays guitar, which I'm glad about, because even though I can't play an instrument, I appreciate having music around.


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