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Friday, March 23, 2012


First off, if you'd like to read about weddings and saving yourself a little cash, head over to Daisy's blog at The Story of Daisy Girl to see my guest post on how to have a gorgeous wedding within your budget (it's based on my own wedding from May 2011). Hope you like it!

(Photo taken by me this morning in our backyard)

What are your plans this weekend? We're going to be packing up and taking a short weekend trip back to Abilene to celebrate one of high school friend's wedding, and we're excited! Love must be in the air!

Speaking of love and marriage, this video (found again via Julia's blog) encapsulates the true essence of love, in my opinion. I cried the first time I saw it...and the second...and of course, the third time when I had my husband watch it with me once he got home. I was blubbering on the side, but he admitted to me that he got that frog in the throat feeling, so there! Love means stuff to men, too.

With that said, have a lovely weekend, friends! Go exploring, won't you?


Dania @ Always Dania said...

im not doing much this weekend! im actually thinking about laying by the pool all day since it's hot over here in carolina!

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend! We've just finally got our own wedding photos back too! I'm studying this weekend... fun times :)

beina said...

Hi Danie!!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your swwet and lovely comments!!!
I watch the video and I started cry me too!!!
thank you for recomend it to me!!!
HAve a nice and happy weekend!!!

Julia said...

your guestpost and the photos were beautiful and i loved your ideas! after reading it now i really think its not only worth it money-wise to do flowers/centerpieces/ etc on your own but it truly adds an unique touch to the wedding ! have a great weekend !

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Can't wait to read all about your wedding post :)

Hannah said...

I hope you had a great weekend!

Ana Degenaar said...

This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing the video and I hope you had an amazing time!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Dania: That sounds AMAZING! I used to lap swim in the summer mornings during college, and I can't even begin to describe how much I miss swimming in the sun. Everything is completely sparkling. Hope you had a great and lazy weekend! :)

Amy: How exciting to get them in! I squealed when it got my CD in the mail. Bah, hope that studying didn't drain you!

Beina: Of course, love! I thought you may like it since you've been with your boyfriend for such a long time and seem so happy together. :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

Julia: Thank you so much! That was such a monstrous post, and thanks for wading through it all. :) It really did add to the special remembrance. I think most of my friends couldn't get over my mom's egg rolls, though! She accidentally stole the show with her cooking!

Rhiannon: Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Hannah: It was fantastic! Hope you had a great weekend too!

Ana; Thank you! I just had to share is too sweet. It was such a good trip, thank you. Hope you had a great weekend with Emma!

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