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Friday, March 23, 2012


Before I start, don't forget THAT I NEED YOUR OPINION, PRETTY PLEASE. :) Thanks so much for your thoughts so far!!

Remember when I promised to show you the entire piece of this sneak peek? It's finally here! 

Soooo, if you haven't heard Quelqu'un ma dit by Carla Bruni, you should definitely listen to it here while you read this little story. If this painting had a soundtrack, this song would be it! Let's get started, shall we? 

It was already in the air—she could feel it. The breeze was crisp and light; the leaves rustled as they pushed one another against the long, strong branches. Those leaves were completely covered in sunlight…they were actually glittering.

She swiveled in her white leather chair away from her desk with its smooth, white surface, toward the open window that allowed the light breeze to escape through the netted screen and flood of sunlight through its worn panes of glass.

It was calling her: the perfect blue sky, the flood of sunlight, and the rush of the breeze.

She breathed a deep and long breath, the kind of breath she had been taught during her first class of yoga, then turned her head toward the ceiling, stretching her tired neck. Her eyes moved from the smooth surface of the white ceiling down to her right, where she surveyed the illustrations supported by the clear thumb tacks on the cork finish. Her head slowly tuned down to the left, and she let her head hang down from her neck, staring at legs crossed Indian style, relaxing in the strength of the stretch. After a moment, she shifted her head back up toward the left, gazing at the sleek, white coffee table housing the scattered artwork, and then lifted her head again toward the right, looking straight up at the ceiling; just where she had started.

The breeze was picking up outside, coaxing her to engage with it. She took a final look outside the glass panes and knew she could no longer keep away from it all. Enlivened at the thought of a break, she pushed her body out of her chair, relishing in the coolness of the tiles under her bare feet. Walking around the hallway and through the sunlight living room, she made her way toward the door. She turned the knob of the heavy wooden door, letting a stream of sunlight and fresh air rush through the opening. She closed her eyes and breathed in again deeply, pushing the air back out through her smiling lips, and stepped out into the first day of Spring.


Cathy said...

Wow, I am in love with that sketch.

Utterly and truly in love. Great post!!

Cathy Trails

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you so much, Cathy!

Jess said...

This is gorgeous, and I agree, that Carla Bruni song goes perfect with it!

PS GUNS UP! I was just in Lubbock for Spring Break since some of my friends were still there. Where in Texas are you now? We are in Houston.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous piece and I'm a HUGE fan of Carla Bruni so I totally "get it." You have quite a talent.

Inés said...

Dani, you are a very talented woman! Thanks for this charming sneak peek! You make me dream of Springtime...
Big hugs!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Jess: Thank you! The addition with Carla was my cherry on top. :) Very cool!! We moved to San Antonio, so we aren't too far apart!! I'm jealous that you have easy access to the Oceanaire restaurant!!

Bekuh: Thank you so much!! I found out about Carla Bruni by watching 500 Days of Summer. So glad I found her!

Ines: Thank you, dear! I couldn't get over your post on reds. Just beautiful. :)

Unknown said...

i just Love the idea of a 'painting having a soundtrack' i wonder if it would be different for everyone...

Danie at Pasadya said...

Kaitlyn: Whoa! LOVE your blog! Amazing inspiration, especially with all the original art you find. Are you a painter, too?

Thank you! I'm sure it would be...every person is entitled to feel something different about a piece, and that's what I love about it all. I'm sure people think Carla Bruni isn't quite their pick for this piece, and they may not even like it at all, for that matter. It's just so great to hear what people feel about art along with their personal interpretations. :)

Holly said...

Love Carla Bruni (especially that song!), love your painting and your description of a breath of spring air!

Wonderful post!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you so much, sweet Holly! I can't even understand the song, but it sure sounds like it's based on something beautiful.

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