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Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans for this weekend? As for us, my guy and I are going to Midland, Texas to see some of our best friends. Just want to say that it. is. ABOUT. TIME. We'll be celebrating my guy's birthday (early), so I know he's very excited! I have to say I'm excited for the food! Our friend is Chinese, and she is an amazing cook. I'll be in the corner eating...joking about the corner, but not about eating! Fortunately we're so past that point of being shy about shoveling amazing food in our mouths.

I'm sure you also have a lot of friends you've been missing for a while. Since college, my friends and I have moved, so we're just spread all over the place. Sigh. That makes it a little difficult to see each other, but the times we do get to reunite, I'm so thankful!

To start your weekend, it's time again for another illustration + story. Wanna peek?

This was truly a new beginning. One year ago, she would never have imagined herself here. This was what she has secretly wanted all along, wasn’t it? She had diligently trained to be someone else, devoting nearly six years of her life to a different calling. Now, with the chance of changing who she would become, she felt afraid. This was all new to her. After all, she hadn’t prepared herself for this.

“We’re in this together,” he had told her. He still lovingly reminded her to this day, even though half a year had passed. “Walk with purpose, baby,” he always told her. “You’re so close.” She knew he was right. She always admired his zeal and driven enthusiasm. She needed to be focused, like he was. Once again, she assured herself, smiling as she thought about him. ‘I can do this,’ she told herself. ‘This is the start.’

Do you have a difficult task ahead or need a change? If you do, keep your chin up! You can do this, you know. :) Be back soon with your weekend photo! Until then, have a beautiful morning. 


Julia said...

have a great weekend! im in the mess of jobhunting and i m really hoping its gonna work out just fine - until then as suggested i keep my chin up ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Julia: Good luck with your job hunt!! Such a stressful time, I know. Yes, keep that chin up! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

Inés said...

Enjoy your trip!

Have the best weekend!

Big hugs!

Holly said...

Nice story and illustration. She looks ready for her challenge. I have to say, these black and white one's are my favourite. I love your lines.

Have a happy trip ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ines: Thanks, dear! It was wonderful!! Hope you had a great weekend too!

Holly: Thank you! So, so sweet of you. :)

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