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Monday, December 29, 2014


Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas! Wouldn't the following photo make the worst Christmas card?
Our family can take bad Christmas cards up a notch even further! When the husband and I left Austin for the holidays, we spent time with his family in Dallas, traveled back to Abilene to stay with my family, and stayed with my in-laws again at their home in the country. During that time, we managed to squeezein in time to do a ridiculous recreation of an adorable photo of Clay and his brothers when they were little urchins. I just knew my photography/Photoshop skills would sum up to something one day! ;) 
And yes, my husband used wrapping paper to create his high-class sweater vest. I have shloads of photos to sort and edit from the holidays. It's always so fun to go through all the tiny moments in pictures. It's like I get to relieve the time I took the shot. There are just too many to go through without my head exploding, so here are photos of a painted pinecone and an unsure pet:
Silliness aside, it was wonderful to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas in the company of the family I was blessed to be raised by as well as the family gained when I married Clay. I know I take for granted how kind and caring all of my loved ones are towards me;  have to remember to stay grateful for even the smallest moments like getting a hug and a kiss. But most importantly, I want to learn to be even more grateful of the love God showers on me every single day. I'm truly blessed to be where I am today and be surrounded by people I love in this life. 

Happy Christmas. xoxo


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