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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Well, this is a sad post, but it's so necessary.
Mother's Day was cataclysmic for us--my sister (accompanied by her sweet dog, Ellie) was visiting Clay and me in Austin, and as my sister was driving back home to Abilene, she was in a car accident. I've been thanking God every day since that everyone involved was unhurt, but Ellie escaped from the back of the car afterwards. 

Today is her fourth day missing, and my sweet parents have been driving back and forth with my sister to Cisco, Texas in search of Ellie, the small town where the accident happened. If any of you or your friends somehow happen to be in the Cisco, Eastland or Baird areas (or any of the surrounding areas), please keep an eye out for the friendliest (and probably very scared and hungry) Lab / Pitbull mix named Ellie.
My sister rescued Ellie as a tiny, hungry puppy, and she's been part of our family for over four years. She's the reason I ran into my husband by chance (I was walking her with my sister at a college campus while Clay was training for a triathlon at that same college), and it breaks my heart to think of her being scared, hungry, and lost. 

I've heard of amazing stories from close friends of mine who have lost dogs of their own, and they were miraculously reunited after seven months. I'm praying and hoping it won't take that long to find our sweet girl, but really, she'll be welcomed back with open arms and hearts even if it's ten years from now. 

Please share this photo and info with anyone you think might be of help:

- Lab / Pitbull mix
- Black with white markings
- Very friendly
- 4 years old
- 61 lbs

- May 11, 2014
- 4:00 PM
- Cisco, TX
- Intersection of 120 and Highway 183 (near Chicken Express on Conrad Hilton Blvd)


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I am sooo sorry about this.
While I am glad your sister is okay the thought of this search is just making me feel so worried that I can't imagine what it is like for your family. I pray she is found soon and in a good temporary home in the meantime. Fingers crossed!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, thank you so, so much.

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