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Friday, February 21, 2014


Ah, Friday! My parents are here for a visit, and I'm trying not to stare out the window at the machinery filling the streets as roofers are replacing not one, but two rooftops directly in my view. I'm so afraid somebody's going to tumble off the vaulted surface, and it's like I'm telling myself that if I watch out of my peripheral vision, they won't fall. Obviously, I don't have the same skill set of balance and coordination that others possess.

It's getting warm again here--I actually went running in shorts yesterday. The weather reminds me of Hawaii, which brings me to our Art + Story for this week. This one's titled Carry, and after much consideration of music choice, it reminds me the most of "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson.
The rain was softly pattering on the rooftops, sending translucent, steady streams down the corners of the shingles. They were waiting for the sun to divide the gray clouds apart, with the rain continuing to fall from the sky.  

As soon as the sun peeked its way through the wispy blankets, she didn’t even take the time to grab her flip-flops before springing out into the muddy road. He grinned as she scooped up the huge palm leaves and bushels of colorful booms of flowers that had been snapped from their limbs during the tropical storm.

She came back to the covered patio, beaming under the weight of the rescued finds. They scattered the fragrant petals and soft leaves on the small tables, surrounding the plates of pancakes topped with fresh bananas and syrup and the white cups filled with black coffee, grasped the coffee cups high in the air and clinked them together, toasting to the the day’s first feast in paradise.   

* * *

Carry prints are available in the shop. :) Hope you guys have a wonderful, lazy weekend! 
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