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Friday, January 24, 2014


Brr! San Antonio iced over this morning, and even though it's all gone already, it's still cold for this Texas girl. I weirdly love to go running outside when it's super cold. Guess I enjoy bouncing around all bundled up like an eskimo.

Clay and I are going to try to go zip lining this weekend, which we've been putting off since September. Hope we actually make it out there and don't freeze alive in the process!

Here's a small Art + Story for ya. This one's called Warm, and it makes me think of this song. Happy Friday!
I pull the sweater tighter around my shoulders, leaning toward the icy window and peering outside. The leaves swirl around, doing their floating dance around the rooftops. My tea is waiting for me to drink; I'll close my fingers and palms around the warm cup, letting the soothing liquid rush down my throat.

Later on today, maybe around three, I’ll gather the wood outside and take it all inside, piling the logs in the fireplace to start an orange, flickering fire. I’ll pull the leather chair in front of the flames, stretching my legs out, my bare feet warming up over the calming heat.

I’ll wrap the blanket over my sweater, slip into the fluffy house shoes, and shuffle around the tiles until I can no longer see the sun peeking over the hill. Soon the sun will overpower the cold, but until then, I just need to find a way to keep warm.


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