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Friday, January 31, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about my husband lately. Not that I don't normally think about him, but for the past month, he's just put me in complete awe when I sit down and take the time to process everything he's managed to accomplish at his age.

I usually choose just one song to go with most of my Art + Story pieces, but it was impossible for me to pick only one song for this country-boy / musician / thrill-seeker / entrepreneur guy. So, here are the two songs that remind me of him: Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra & Sunny and 75 by Joe Nichols.

This one, appropriately, is titled Clay.
He is beautiful, all-around--as beautiful as a man can be.

I can’t find a way to sum him up completely; he’s just made of too many parts. He is my symphony; he opens me up to the life around me, teaching me to love and better understand others in this world. His rhythm is undeniably gorgeous. He works with perseverance, strength, and purity. He quite literally sweeps me off my feet on any normal night when we’re cooking dinner together in the kitchen, just to lift me up, hold me tight, and watch me grin. He’s there to push me further than I ever think possible. If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll work to find it, and his curiosity keeps him learning every single day. How many times has he told me to look up something if I’m not familiar with it? Too many, I know. He encourages me through not only through his words, but also by his genuine actions.

He is lovable and hilarious, making me laugh until I can’t take it anymore. He is spontaneous, taking me up the smoky mountains, diving beside me into the sparkling cold waters, and sitting beside me for hours, gazing up into the starry night skies until the sun gradually ascends over the pink horizon. Yes, you can be sure that he’ll play to the extreme, hurling off his shoes and charging on the slippery grass, bolting into the air and landing hard on his frame just to catch the Frisbee, football, or whatever is it he’s going after. I’ve listened wide-eyed when he tells me about his stories, from the moment he narrowly sailed his way out of the ship’s path as a teenager in San Francisco’s freezing waters, to the many times he’s come home with broken limbs, unbeknownst to him until an entire week later. Despite his play-hard attitude, he always plays gently with me, always safeguarding the delicacies in his life.

He is the believer who is constantly challenging me to have faith, he is the violinist who serenades me in the daylight, he is the football player who is the epitome of rough, yet he tries his best to be gentle, he is the nerd who is furiously typing the latest and greatest program, he is the giver who sees the best in people, and he is, fortunately, mine.

* * *

Here's a little more about this guy if you're curious: 

Clay's Twitter
Clay's team startup company, SocialREST
More about SocialREST

And last but not least, happy Friday, you pretties! 
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