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Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey, how was your weekend? The mix of salty air, ocean water, sunshine, sand, food and friends made me adore ours and wish it could have gone on for an entire week. When we returned, we picked up the pup from daycare (yes, I know), and she had a little report card that stated she fared amazingly and even made some doggie friends of her own. I chuckled at this, but it is pathetic that I want to take her to daycare once a month for the pure purpose of socializtion? I figure since we have no kids (except for her, ha!), this should be 90% acceptable, 10% crazy-dog syndrome. Ah, whatever. I admit that I'm a tad over the top when it comes to pets.

Craziness aside, this is a little something I've been working on quietly for the past few weeks. We're nearly finished, and despite the fact that I'm usually not all about sparkles, I really love how this logo turned out.

Introducing Heavenli, a natural bath & body collection that is in the works:
I don't think I've ever drawn so many crowns in one sitting than this part of my life. Who would've thought I would have loved it so much? I'll have to show you our top choices sometime, huh?

Here's an mock example of how the logo could look in packaging. Excited to see the actual products once they hit true production. 
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
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