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Friday, August 30, 2013


We're going on a little road trip to Austin for the weekend, where we're bound to spend a lot of time on the water. Clay is itching to go windsurfing again, and I'm weary. I really should try it again, even though I've suffered the embarrassment of having to be rescued by two nice citizens on a boat when I couldn't figure out how to sail upwind.

I snapped these shots at a lake a little outside of San Antonio when we attempted to go fishing with the dog, who went absolutely berserk. I swore to myself I would never take her to the lake in the near future, but here we are taking her again. Hopefully she'll fare quite well, since fish won't be involved.

Hope you get to enjoy a good, long weekend!


Sarah Carlson said...

Have a beautiful weekend, Danie! The pictures are beautiful, as always. If you find the courage to windsurf again, let us know! It sounds to me absolutely terrifying and thrilling at once!

Charlotte said...

These photos are lovely, they make me wish I was on a road trip too <3

Have fun! x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you have a great weekend - road tripping is so fun, what a great way to celebrate the closing of summer!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much, dear. :) You know, we didn't end up windsurfing (probably lucky for me), but we did go to Barton Springs, which was so perfect. I do need to try a thrilling sport every once in a while though.

Thank you, Charlotte! Hope you get the chance to get away soon. :)

Hey Abby! It was so much fun...minus the getting sick part afterwards. It really was! But actually, we have a "real" end of summer bash that'll be on the beach for a weekend with friends from high school. I think THAT should be the best closing. Hope you're doing well, sweet. :)

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