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Friday, June 21, 2013


Whooo weee! It is OFFICIALLY the first day of summer on this pretty year of 2013!

Have any plans for the summer? When I was growing up, our family of four would travel by car to a chosen destination every summer--i.e. from Texas to Massachusetts, Texas to Rhode Island, you name it. We used to own a gigantic white Chevrolet suburban, which would bulldoze its way through the crowded streets in unfamiliar territory. I remember how strange I thought it was to see cities where trucks and suburbans definitely were not normal. You would have guffawed if you saw my dad expertly squeezing the tank loaded with himself and three chatty girls (my mom included in that count) into itty bitty parking spots.

We haven't been on family road trips in a while where we drive for three days straight to get somewhere, but for the first time, my Filipino side of the family is all going to Europe for my cousin's wedding! I can't waaaaait!! I'm going to try my best not to look like the ridiculous tourist I know that I am with all my might. We had to cut some cities out of our plans because I just don't think we'll have time to thoroughly enjoy them with the time constraints within two and a half weeks, but here's what's on our list:

1. London
2. Paris
3. Zurich
4. Rome

If you have recommendations about any of these places, PLEEEEASE let me know, okay? I will thank you profusely. Again and again.

On other news, gather 'round for today's art + story:

She rolled over on her back, her skin drinking in the UV rays that she had been told time and again by her fair-skinned friends would someday be the death of her. Remembering that thought, she turned over again like a hotcake in the oven, blindly swiping her hands under the lounge chair in search of the sunblock.

The cloudless day was quietly inching its way toward sunset. Excited at the thought of another brilliant show beginning in what she guessed would be six or seven minutes, she dragged her chair under the prickly palm trees in search of the prime viewing spot on the highest point of the hill.

At first shyly, the sun started dipping down into the horizon of calm waves. It gained confidence with its slow descent, however, and the burst of oranges, yellows, and pinks began to reflect on the water and dance on the trunks of the swaying trees.

With absolutely nothing on her usual crammed schedule for the remainder of these six glorious days, and completely unarmed with the habitual distraction—no iPad, no phone, no book—not even a magazine, she knew where she would be again tomorrow. Tonight was just for the two of them, the spectacular summer sunset and the awestruck girl. 


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

London - walk everywhere if you can. half the places in London are seen through walking. London is a bunch of villages growing past its boundary into each other so each area has a distinct feel!
Paris - well, you know how I feel!
Rome - please book a private or semi private tour of sistine chapel. The lines are horrendous to buy tickets plus it gets jampacked - I tell you that you won't regret being in the Vatica museum actually able to see instead of looking at the back of someone's head! Zurich - only been once twenty years ago. You will have a great time!x

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, you're the best help!! Have I mentioned that before? ;) Now how did I know you were going to say that about Paris? I'll get those tickets this weekend also. THANK YOU!!

Unknown said...

your trip sounds awesome! just a tiny bit jealous.
london is amazing! when i went it was freezing and got dark at like 4pm though, so i'm not much help there.
still haven't been to paris or zurich. sad day.
rome is really great! you can get to almost everything if you hustle. lol. i was there for two days and i don't feel like i missed out on any of the big things. i will say that the best gelato i had was right by the trevi fountain. which is the most important thing, right? :)

Fiona said...

I'm in europe at the moment too looking to do some traveling!! Portugal and spain are big on my list as well as denmark & sweden.

Agree about walking everywhere in london - you miss so much getting on the tube

Love the summer illustration! just in time for the sunshine xx

ALLIE NYC said...

I have not travel abroad in a very long time. Over ten years. But I am soooo jealous of you!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Danie at Pasadya said...

Danica: We're so excited! Aww, I hope you get a trip in sometime soon. Oh my gosh, really? I've never seen it get dark that early! You ARE a hustler! Rome is where we're spending the majority of our time, so maybe we can slow down the pace. :) I'll definitely try the gelato by Trevi Fountain then. Funny you said that, because I read raving reviews about it. :) Thank you!

Fiona: You are? That's awesome! Ahh, those places would be perfect. My husband went windsurfing for a competition in Portugal and loved it, but I've never been. We also were thinking about Spain for our honeymoon two years ago but decided on Hawaii at the last minute. Denmark and Sweden look amazing also! Ah, that's what I've been hearing about London. Walking it is! Thank you, love.

Ali: Hi! I haven't travelled abroad since...22 years ago! Haha I was only two years old. It's about time for this, I think Hope you get a break as well soon!

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