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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hey guys! My sweet friend taught me how to make some of THE BEST shrimp fried rice that's quick and easy, and I finally took the time to get it ready and share it with y'all.

Oh, and guess what? The same friend and her husband (who is my husband's best friend since the 5th grade) are moving today, so we're going to be on our way to help them tonight. We're going from San Antonio, to Midland (their old home), to Longview (their new home), and back to San Antonio from today until either Sunday or Monday. Whew, we have a loooot of driving ahead of us. I can't wait though, because words can't describe how much I love this couple.

Back to deliciousness.

Are you interested in the delicacy of shrimp fried rice?? I am, for sure.

Here's how ya do this:
Looks amazing, huh? It's so easy, too. Trust.
First things first, if you don't know the easy way to make rice (the stove takes way too long, folks), this tutorial is almost the exact way I make mine. The only differences are these:

1. I fill my rice with water and stick my hand down in the pot and swish the rice around to clean it better, then I used a plate (or something flat) to drain the water out of the rice.
2. I use 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of rice because I use a type of Jasmine rice that gets soggy if you use too much water. I just realized that my husband and I already gobbled up most of the rice and don't have the bag anymore, but the name is New Crop Jasmine Rice, I think. I buy mine at a Chinese oriental market in town.

Once you master cooking rice and become the rice pro that I know you're going to be, gather the following ingredients after you have your cooked rice waiting to be transformed into fried rice.
FYI, this is what chili crisp looks like:
This particular brand is amazing, and I made my friend personally pick it out at the oriental market for me.

Now--let's DO this!

Wahla! :)
I have a new piece of art I want to share, but unfortunately since we'll be lugging furniture across Texas, I think it'll have to wait until next week. It's this piece...

Oh! And since I'll be missing you guys tomorrow, here's two songs that I can't seem to get enough of. I've heard the first one years ago and used to have it as a happily annoying ringtone, and then I heard the other song while watching a tennis video. I thought the beginning was super nerdy, but when the guy started singing, I just fell in love.

Doesn't the first song's video make you giggle? Well...maybe I do because I used to play tennis since I was 13 until I was about 18. I'm all excited for tennis again because the hubs and I have been playing here and there lately. Unbelievably, we aren't spending every waking second chasing after balls.

Happy weekend, pretties! See you next week.


christinelovestotravel said...

Two of my favourites, shrimp and rice! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

Have a great weekend!

ANNA L said...


Eatlovemerry said...

This look so good!! Thanks for sharing :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks guys! Hope you like it. :)

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