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Monday, May 6, 2013


Wow, we dove into this weekend and didn't stop exploring until the very end. I never realized San Antonio has a gorgeous gem called San Pedro Springs Park that's tucked away in the center of the city. I can't wait to swim there when it gets hot enough...actually, I wonder if people even swim there any more? At the very least, I'm excited to pack up a few tubes of paint and some brushes and get to work on a new painting with the view of the water in front of me.

We also found a pretty lake to go fishing at. You're only allowed to catch fish that are over 18 inches long, and they're feisty to say the least. Xena freaked out uncontrollably and wanted to swim in the cold water, and after coaxing from fellow fisherman, we let her go off in the water, snorting, shivering, and paddling. Of course, she managed to grab somebody's catch and shake it like a rag doll, and I tried to catch her in the water like an overprotective helicopter mom. I didn't see the line from a pitched tent, tripped mid-run, flew through the air like and eagle, and then dove face-first into the dirt. Embarrassing,  you ask? Yes. Painful? Definitely. I asked my husband if it hurt when he was hit in football as a high schooler, and he answered "yes" in a way that states the obvious about the pain of a contact sport.

I suppose, I tell myself, this must be what it's like to play football.

Anyway, more photos of that to come. Not me in the dirt, of course. I just have shots of uneventful things that seem to make my dog lose her cool, like the gentle lapping of waves.

Here are details of San Pedro, however. Xena was acting much more lady-like here:

My husband laughs when I excitedly yell, "We are explorers of the new world!!" Oh well. I DO feel like an explorer in places like this.
That sun in combination with the palms and water make my knees weak.
Beautiful patterns danced around us in the perfect temperatures.
I'll have to show you expansive shots of the springs. It's so big! I wanted to jump right in. this girl did!
Xena tried to make a jump for it also. Go figure.
It's quite the little paradise, no?
Did you go and explore things over the weekend?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

that looks soooo lovely - i adore an infinity pool...

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, it's such a gorgeous place. I should really try to get myself back there this week...

ALLIE NYC said...

Gosh San Antonio looks lovely. My coworker has a second home in Austin and she loves it. Fun blog, following on Bloglovin.

Ali of

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ali: I love Austin!! San Antonio has its perks, too. :) Thank you so much!!

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