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Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey guys!

First off, sorry for the total lazy lack of posting on Friday. :(

Onto other news, this weekend was spent with my sweet in-laws and my husband, and we all ate outside a lot in the heat of the San Antonio sun (which I actually enjoyed, despite my inability to keep from sweating) and acted like total tourists. We toured the San Antonio Missions (gorgeous!), went window shopping--I'm thrilled that I finally was able to keep myself from lurching towards objects and instantly buying them, tried tons of different food, and of course moseyed along the River Walk.

Here's a little something that's unfinished, but I just wanted to share. It's a reflection of this, if you might recall.

I can't help but pair it with one of my favorite pair of heels. Raaawwr! <I'll stop being tacky in a minute. Wait. That's a lie, because I'm about to hurl myself into the pillows with my Subway sandwich in my left hand and an oversized Root Beer in the other and watch Game of Thrones with my husband and dog.

Did I mention that we were part of a heated debate revolving around Game of Thrones when we were at a dinner party with friends over the weekend as well? Yes, that happened. AND we had two females pull actual Game of Thrones books out of their purses. Which I (and the men) thought was awesome, but I guess will never be cool enough to begin doing. I don't even have any book in my purse for that matter. Probably better start doing that...
This is probably the "darkest" that I'm capable of, anyway.



Coulda shoulda woulda said...

saving game of thrones for the winter to do something during the terrible weather...
Love that piece, the different greens are very soothing!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ha, Naomi! I heard a lot of people are saving it so they can just watch it all at once. Thanks dear. :)

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