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Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey there! How did your weekend treat you?

Ours was SUPER lazy. I think we took at least three naps...and long ones, at that. Total bliss.

I have two more days to show you of our Austin trip! Today, I'm showing you what a "Paminar" looks like. Pam, known to us as "Mama Pam," (our Chinese adoptive mother and my friend's mother-in-law}, is very crafty and holds what they playfully named Paminars every so often with friends and teaches them things ranging from how to knit baby booties to how to make homemade jam.

We kept messing up the name Paminar and calling it "Jaminar," but I suppose the name could be used interchangeably.
I feel like I haven't done art in FOREVER, so here is a little gif for ya! We made raspberry mango jam, which Dave (Pam's cowboy-teacher husband, aka "Cowboy Daddy") generously spread onto his own homemade breakfast biscuits for us, with fresh eggs from the chickens included.

We were spoiled, indeed!
Good thing I was holding a bulky camera, otherwise I would have tried to steal a raspberry or two.
Isn't their kitchen adorable? I told you it was country! That awesome river stone wall only cost $10 for the materials!! The previous owners wanted a rock wall and talked to an owner of a quarry, and they were told they could take as many rocks home as they needed in a truck bed--$5 per load.

I would have guessed that wall would have been in the thousands.
I think they may have used frozen mangos to cut down on time...I can't seem to remember.
Here's Mama Pam scooping out the blended fruits from her food processor. I have to say, after staying with them, I'm kind of coveting a food processor now. Oh, and a big KitchenAid mixer.
My Chinese team! These ladies are super cooks.
Mama Pam has a book dedicated solely to jam. I need to take a peek at it next time I visit...
In order to make sure the jam will preserve, you have to twist the cap on and wait for it to make a popping sound. Then you have to let it cool.
El fin!

Of course, I'm terrible at doing multiple things at once, so I didn't quite hear all of the instructions while I was snapping photos. Guess I'll have to invite myself back to the country to re-learn, huh?


jenny said...

How fun!! I want to go with you when you invite yourself back! Although, I have to confess, I am 0% Asian.

christinelovestotravel said...

That's amazing! homemade jam is always great but I'm too lazy to even attempt to make it.

Unknown said...

Looks like a lot of fun, and I love your gif at the beginning of the post. I can never get my jam to solidify correctly. oops.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Jenni: I'm only 1/4, so I'm pretty much stick out like a sore thumb also! :)

Christine: Haha, you sound a lot like me, my friend. :)

Bekuh: Aw thank you, dear! Ahh, that stinks. I haven't tried it on my own and have a feeling that'll happen to me. I'm not surprised you've made your own jam! You're always so crafty.

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