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Thursday, April 4, 2013


I think the last time I rode a horse was back in...high school. You can't imagine my excitement when I got to snap photos of these pretties getting ready for the ride.
The day started out overcast and airy. Absolutely perfect!

It was adorable how the sweet horses huddled together in hopes of going for a ride. Only three ended up going, but they all squashed together anyway.

I also got to see a horse wash for the first time. A little different than a car wash or dog bath, ha!
Some beauties just came up to get sprayed, like Rhiadda shown above. She made me giggle.
And so did the weird angles of their noses when I took photos pointing from the ground up. The one is Rio.

I could hang around these pretties all day and be content snapping away.
The horses matched their saddles, which I thought was such a pretty touch.
I looove the detail...of the beautifully faded saddles, woven blankets, and of course the horses themselves.                            
They even have their own special name tags. 

You can get incredibly close to them, and they're so calm and sweet. They usually just stand still and breathe on you.
Ahhh, I just love them all!
Unfortunately, I don't have photos of us riding them. It's probably not the best idea for my clumsy self to try to balance on top of a horse while riding downhill on rocky ground, so I opted not to take my camera in the probable case that I would somehow fall of my horse and crash to the ground (camera included).

I'm so happy to have these shots to remind me of the time before the riding, though! 

What about you? Have you ever been up close and personal with a horse?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

those horse pics are lovely.

they are funny things - it has been a few years since i have been on a horse and they are so sensitive

i was playing stick and ball and i was exhausted and on the ride back to the stables i thought - oh i just want to go home and take a bath i am so tired! and then the horse went mental.

the horse misinterpreted me wanting to get off as me not liking the horse anymore! i had a talk and we were cool after :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks Naomi. :)

Oh, WOW. You're much better than I am to be able to calm it down. Poor thing just likes you so much that it wanted you to stay on for eternity I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photographs, Danie!! They're breathtaking! It looks like you had a great time, yay! I rode a horse once...and then that was the end of that, haha!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thanks so much, Abby! We really did. :) Ahaha, that's hilarious! Sometimes the horses have minds of their own. Mine was constantly trying to eat at ALL times...pullings tufts of grass up, grabbing quick snacks from trees, etc. Then she got so close to the horse in front of me that he got annoyed and slightly kicked back. Of course his kick hit my leg, lol.

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