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Thursday, March 7, 2013


WOW. Guys, my eyes are just about crossing at the moment due to edit overload. Oh well! Totally worth the pain...because part 2 of the house tour is ready! Fiiiinally.

Okay, let's pretend we're turning a 180 from the kitchen to look back into the living room. Come here...I'm going to take you through this hallway and we're gonna turn to the left. To the left, to the LEFT! I know. I'll stop. ;)
Love this little photo that reminds me of our first day in beautiful paradise (Hawaii) on our honeymoon. Got the frame at Target. LOVE all the white. Obviously.

Now here is our view when we look left from the hallway with my prized photo...and you see another prized photo of ours, captured by our dear friends at Chic Shot Studio on our wedding day.

Why are you squinting like that? Oh. Let me zoom in. Hold on...

That's...kinda, sorta better I guess. Now let's turn to the right. Righto.

Gotta put bowls everywhere so I can put my important things in them! Like

I used to make the bed with the fancy pillows and all...but then I just got tired of moving pillows on the bed, off the bed, on, get the idea. My husband was like, "Whhhy do we even have the fancy pillows, then?" Guess I'll spend money on other things instead, ha.

Since I've painted this mural, I've somehow managed not to get sick of it. Probably because when we get in bed for the night, I'm just staring at this instead.
But that's super boring!, you say.

Okay, okay. Yes, it is unwillingly simple. I was planning on framing this piece all the way back in the winter and putting it up, never got around to it, and then decided to maybe frame a print of this, but then never did. And THEN, I decided I liked how simple this is. Talk about fickle.

Plus, I rescued that lamp in college from an ugly mauve pink color, and now I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of it. I've always wanted to switch it out with a crisp lamp with a steel base, but I think I'll just be too sad to let go of oldie.

Oh, and that dresser was found by my mom (aka the Filipino queen of finding good deals) at a garage sale when I was in junior high. Isn't the wood beeeeautiful? I know! It had not-so-pretty handles on it at one time, but we just switched them out with the sleek silver handles. Perfect facelift.
Speaking of another thing we can't let husband's bass has been heftily collecting dust since we moved into this house. Play it already!! Totally just kidding. The man already serenades me with violin, which he's played since he was...5? Or was it 7? I live with a male of multiple talents ranging from nerdy computers, classical music, alternative music, and sports. I'll admit today that I'm lucky. :)

Let's whip around again to the left. See that teensy folding door? Yes. That leads to our very tiny bathroom, which I couldn't even sufficiently get a good shot of because it's so small. Let's just say my husband and I constantly run into each other in the mornings and nights when we try to shove ourselves in there at the same time for teeth brushing and face washing. He usually wins, and I have to move. That's one pro of being bigger, for sure. Sigh.

Floor mirror from Ikea

Isn't that a pretty scarf? My mother-in-law got it for me all the way from San Francisco. She's a sweetheart with nice taste!

And look at the floor...
...probably not the best place for a glass with flowers, but it just goes so well with that scarf! And those shoes! These Gianni Binis were snagged for $26 (!!!) at a major outlet in Dallas, TX. I couldn't believe it.
Alright, time to leave the master. Byyye, master....
The guest bathroom is also small, but I was at least able to show you, unlike the master bath. Definitely didn't think about ever doing my makeup in here when I picked out the color. Poor female guests.

On to the guest bedroom!

Oh, HEY Xenie. :)

So I got that tall dresser for free from my cousin, who had a baby at the time (now she's an adorable toddler). My cousin said that babies are tiny little climbers, so she didn't want to risk certain death if her daughter decided to monkey her way to the top handle and then launch herself to the floor. Good for me, huh??
Recognize the drawing on the left? :) That middle photo was shot by my husband in Hawaii. Pieces of paradise scattered here and there is a big trend in this home.

We made that mirror by just putting pieces of wood together and then gluing the store-bought mirror on top. Sure makes it seems bigger.

And that pretty little chair was left by the owners when we moved in. It's actually extremely light and super wobbly, but the detail in it is incredible. I sort of just use it as a holder for things like these flowers because I'm afraid it might just collapse to pieces if someone actually sits on it.

Works fine enough. :)

Time for you to see where all the magic happens. Le office:

It's simple and uncluttered (well, it's supposed to be, anyway), and finally getting to the point where it's most functional for us.

You know how I shoot most of my photos? It all happens on this little white coffee table. I know, that's just a mind-blower. Sooo, that why I have to keep it so simple. It really works nicely, though.

We finally built these floating shelves (and by that, I mean Clay did), and I loooove them. Possibly too much so.

See that ridiculous photo above on the top left of our baby Boston? Those eyes are about to bug out of that furry little face. Makes me laugh every time I look at it on my husband's cork board wall.
There's my husband's side on the left. The guy requires two computer screens. They take over the entire desk!

Original Art (a hugely sentimental possession of mine): Dressage by Mary Ann Wakeley

Unlike the boy, I have one screen like a normal person. Just kidding! We're both weird. (He probably thought I'd say that he's also normal, but the truth is, we're just aren't). Normal = boring.
I like to tape notes up on the wall and look at the flowers...
...and occasionally snoop on the snorer under my desk. :)

Then I realize it's time to say goodbye to la la land and get back to work!

I should add it's the type of work I've dreamed of doing since I was a kid. I may not realize it every day, but I have to remember that this is my idea of living the dream.

Hope you guys enjoyed our home!

What did you think? And! Any suggestions of redoing the area above the dresser in the master? I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

I love your office, the desk is the perfect mix of industrial and classic. And the orange in the bathroom is such an unexpected pop of color, it's amazing! Beautiful job, Danie!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

i love all the effective framing. simplcity really works.
love how you use all these calm palettes and then kabow in your loo its cheerful orange.

the pillow thing made me laugh bc yes peopleput all these pillows and then only put it back on the floor ;p

but the mural is soooo cool. did you do that on your garden wall as well if not you should - your husband is so lucky to have your talent around the house!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Abby: Thanks! Too bad my desk is bowing in the middle...that's why my computer is hanging out in the corner. You're so sweet to say those things! I appreciate it. :)

Naomi: Now aren't you supposed to be enjoying Bangkok?? ;)

Ugh, I knooow. I finally just went nuts and decided to call it quits with those pretty things.

Hey, thanks lady! Like a garden wall outside? Haha, I don't think my English terms are up to par. At least I understood what the loo is! (Learned that important piece of information from Bridget Jones' Diary). You're too kind! He actually just lets me do whatever my heart desires all over the place. Just the way I like it. :)

beina said...

My Goood!!!!!
Your house is wonderful!!!!!!!
I really love it!!!!!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

But Danie, I cant sleep!!!! aaarghhh.

Fabiola said...

Great pictures, your desk and that white bench are so nice!

Tiffany Leigh said...

I absolutely adore your office! What kind of camera do you use?! xo

melody said...

wow i love that you painted a mural over your bed, how beautiful! love your desk too! :)

Danie at Pasadya said...

Beatrice: Thank you, dear!

Naomi: Haha! Hate it when that happens! Hopefully you finally got on your sleep schedule.

Fabiola: Thank you so much! Thanks for dropping by. :)

Tiffany: Thank you! It's a Nikon D60. Finally learning how to use it somewhat properly. :)

Melody: Hi sweet girl! Thank you!!

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