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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mascara: Clinique High Impact
Lip Color: Combination of Loreal Le Gloss (151 Baby Blossom), Revlon 006 Pink Blush Lipstick, & Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Wannabe Cream
Under-eye Concealer: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 05 Medium Beige

Sometimes when I'm searching for inspiration for a next piece, I try to capture certain angles or movements...some that I can't find on Pinterest or what I do is try to take shots of my own body in the angle or movement so that I can get a better idea of what's in my head.

Yesterday I was looking to do something different, and I ended up creating a self portrait that actually looks like me for once. 

"Creepy," as my husband called it. At first my feelings were bruised when I misunderstood what he meant. "No, no, no...I mean it looks just like you! It's kinda creepy because that's exactly you," he had to explain to me. Oh. (Feelings were immediately unhurt). 

Besides this drawing loosely based on myself, I haven't made a drawing of myself since...high school, I guess? And of course it looked like someone else. Well, actually, I did a quick line drawing of myself one summer during college in this style, but that didn't look like me either.
I think this one is going to end up more semi-realistic, as opposed to my line illustration style. 

Meanwhile, on the self-portrait train, I decided it may be time for a new "About" page photo. It's been long enough, hasn't it?
Oh, and that shirt is from Everlane. It's seriously the best. And if you want to try to cut your hair all by yourself (like I fearfully taught myself to do a couple of summers ago...and I don't think I've had it cut professionally in almost two years now), start out with this video! That's the one I always follow. And if you're interested in how to cut shorter layers framing your face (like long side bangs), I can totally show you in an illustration or something. 

Are you guys interested in that?


Anna @ IHOD said...

You are a natural beauty:)
Love the lip color you are using too.
I am so impressed with how accurately you can depict your subject in your drawings!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I'm an everlane lover too:)

Heather said...

You are so pretty!! And seriously, props on cutting your own hair. My mom is a stylist and I definitely didn't get those genes. Also love the lip color!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

You are a lovely girl! The make up is superb. the lip color is fab. never tried clinique macara - am a lancome girl for mascara.

Kyla said...

You look so beautiful! And the sketch looks just like you. And you should definitely make a tutorial illustration! I'm sure if I knew how to properly frame my face, I would save a ton not going to the salon.

Cassie @ Witty Title Here said...

You are gorgeous, girl! I might have to try out that mascara. Not a single clump.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Anna; YOU are! Loved your lip post also...I think I want that orangey one. :) FINALLY, ha! We'll see how the final comes along...

Jennifer: Thank you so much! Ahh, aren't they AWESOME??

Heather: So are you! Ha, only thing is, I can't cut other people's hair...just mine, unfortunately.

Naomi: Thaaaank yoooou! Makeup does wonders. ;) Ahh, I've tried my mom's Lancome samples of mascara too. LOVE it. It actually seems very similar to this Clinique one.

Kyla: Thank you! You always look beautiful too. :) You're naturally comfortable in front of the camera. Oh, yay! I'll go ahead and plan a post for it then. Oh yeah, I used to go to the salon to trim my side bangs (when they were much shorter than they are now), but they wouldn't charge. But's so quick and easy to do by yourself.

Cassie: Gosh, I think the same of you. It's superb! Well, to be honest, the one I have is a small sample size that my mom just gave me when she was buying her facial cream and they had the free stuff. Love when she does that!

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