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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Sooo...I've been telling myself constantly that I'm going to show you guys our house in the near future. Since FEBRUARY. No in February of 2012. Ha! Well technically, I did show you our master in the beginning.

Since then, I've decorated and re-decorated, changed my style to mostly whites and simplicity, and still haven't decided that the house is quite finished yet. I realized that whatever home we're in will always be a work in progress...makes things interesting on a constant basis, I guess.

Wanna be sneaky and take a peeky?
Abstract Giraffe from West Elm

These are shots from our living room...when we were looking at the house, it was in a totally different state (baby blue walls in almost every room, a lime green kitchen, etc.). Sometimes it's harder for me to picture how I want a space to be, especially when I don't have swatches of paint and material in front of my face. Plus, this was before the Pinterest boom, which I desperately wish were in existence when I was in school for interior design.

There is so much inspiration out there! Don't you agree?

Anyway, I was being a fart because I hated how small the closets and bathrooms were, I didn't think our table would fit in the dining room..whine, whine, whine. My husband pretty much pushed me to sign the lease, and I'm SO glad he did!

Guess I must admit that he's right like 99% of the time. At least I'm right the other 1%!! *adamantly waves index finger in the air*
Faux fur blanket sewed by my mom
Serene print by Pasadya
Elephant table from Palazzo Reale in Abilene, tX
Chair (part of modular sofa) from Mattresses and Furniture for Less in San Antonio

When we moved in almost two summers ago, our close friends from Midland came to San Antonio to help us unload and explore. We were so ridiculously disoriented with our surroundings, and we slept on the floors the first night.

The next morning, we went to the first breakfast place we could find (IHOP), and across the highway, I could see a shady looking building out the window that read "Mattresses for Less." I squealed and told my husband and our friends that I wanted to go into the store in hopes of finding furniture.

"It's not even a furniture says MATTRESSES!" they told me. (Since then, the company got smart and changed their sign to include mattresses AND furniture).

But, after exclamations from me, blank stares and sighs, and a little bit of forcing, they obliged. We came out of the store with a white leather modular sofa for a crazy good deal, and so did they!!

My husband and I laugh every time we think about it, because now our friends have almost all the same pieces we do...from that mattress store and Ikea. Great minds must think alike!

Oh, and that elephant table averages 1.2 thousand pounds. Just kidding. But's like 100+ pounds! My boy carried it out of the store thinking it was much lighter, and he refused any help. Ha! Oooh, what sweet men do for us girls.

Anyway! This is my reminder to have the house ready to show you guys by next week! Finally, I know.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I cant wait for your house tour - i love those!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Naomi, I can't wait to show you guys! I've been putting it off for FAR too long. :) Happy Friday!

kariotakis said...

very cute!!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Thank you, Antonis!

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