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Friday, January 25, 2013


Well, hi there! Happy Friday, guys!!! Any plans for the weekend? Seems like I've been anxiously counting down the days to the weekend. Not really sure why...we don't have anything crazy planned, but I've just been aching for Friday to hurry up already. :) 

Figured it's high time to share a new illustration + story with ya, too. I was going to finish a painting and write a story for it, but I just got my first magazine subscription ever (yeah, sad), and such a gorgeous shot was on the back. You can check the inspiration photo on my Twitter. PRETTY, huh?

Louis. Her name had given her grief growing up with all the teasing. King Louis the eighth!! Mario and loo-eee-gee!! Lou-lou frou-frou! Louis Vuitton!...well, that one she didn't mind so much. In fact, as a penniless graduate fresh out of college, she found herself standing in front of the huge building stuffed to the brim with fashion in the heart of the city, lost in her thoughts.

One day, she told herself, I'll become it. She clutched the black leather bag close to her chest, trying to catch her breath at the thought of entering the building for the inevitable interview. This was the big one...the one that she knew would serve as first the stepping stone of her dream. One day, her name would be on the fronts of the buildings, the billboards, and the magazines.

Louis pressed her lips together, pushing out the nervous air that was stuck in her chest. She adjusted the bag, shook her short curly hair, and opened the doors to launch into her new world.


Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

what a lovely drawing!

X Jenny
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Unknown said...

Great work!

And I agree with you this week was long and so happy we are finally in weekend mode.

Hope you are enjoying yours :)


R's Rue said...


Danie at Pasadya said...

Jenny: Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

Leigh: Ahh, I LOVE your work! It was great, thank you!!

Regine: Thanks so much. :)

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