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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If you have a beau (who uses that word any more?), friend, family member, or whoever, what's your favorite date with him / her?

I was dropping in on MadeByGirl today, and she mentioned "how about we... , a site specifically targeted to finding date places. Cool, huh? So then I started thinking about how my guy and I sometimes (well, uh, lots of times) end up driving aimlessly in hopes of finding a new date place that's incredible. Then we end up at McDonald's or something. Kidding. Kind of. I'm a huge sucker for those new vanilla lattes, so I'm ridiculously happy to have one at any point in time.

I went to go look at the site, and it seems super fun, but I'm just kind of hesitant to fork money over so that I know of places to go on dates in San Antonio. SO, of course I couldn't stop thinking about all the places I'm missing out on, and I started researching date spots in this city of mine.

Turns out there are a lot of places that I've missed, and now I have a little list new of places to go, thanks to reviews from people who live here.

The sweetest dates that pulled my heart in every direction, though, were from couples who have been married more than twice the number of years I've been alive. One lady in her 80's said that she still refers to her husband as "boyfriend," and she'll make a fancy dinner, put the candles on and dress up. Then she'll surprise her "boyfriend" with the date at home, and he'll play along and dress up as well.

I've gotta say, I think this is one of my favorite types of dates too (except we're usually in our pajamas). Well...I also love getting all fancy and going to a place with candlelight, white tablecloths (so my husband and I can accidentally spill wine / food crumbs on them), and low light. AND I love outdoorsy dates like biking, hiking (LOVE), or anything. Guess I just can't make up my mind.

All I can say is, I agree with so many of the sweet people that recommended dates: the date itself doesn't's the person you're spending time with. Look at me, getting all sentimental on you.

What are YOUR favorite dates? Oh! And what have been some of your favorite ones to remember??

I'll go first...since I can't narrow down, I'll do my top three.

1. Our first dinner on our honeymoon in Hawaii - it was pretty fancy pants, and we didn't even have to go any further than outside the hotel lobby. Best banana dessert on the face of this earth.

2. Our first hike in Hawaii - We got caught in the pouring rain, met two hippies on a picnic (they were amazing, by the way), jumped rocks in the rivers, and marveled at the gorgeous landscape.

3. This past Christmas morning, when we promised ourselves that we would go on a run and wake up early before leaving on the road trip to see family. We woke up late (surprise, surprise), ended up at McDonald's with the dog in the car, and we munched on a chicken sandwich with fries while sipping a vanilla latte in the sunny parking lot.

Alright. Your turn. :)


Carla Leclezio said...

Love this post :) your top 3 dates are well cute. My boyfriend works silly shifts so we make sure on one of his few weekends off every 5 weeks we have a "Day of fun!" ... They are my favourite days, we've been ice skating, to art fairs, flower markets, for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, but my favourite one I can think of was when we spent most of the day curled up in bed, made a lasagne for dinner & then at the last minute decided to go to the movies... No plans, just easy :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! I think my favorite date was when I visited Alex in Duluth last year, and it was the dead of winter. We went to see the musical Spring Awakening and when it ended the buses had stopped running for the night and all the cabs were we ended up running through downtown chasing buses in the freezing cold!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I think it goes like this.

Excuse me, my beau is ringing.

Answers phone...

Hey boo.

That was the evolution ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that little gif. It's so cute.

Evan and I have dates all the time but we hardly ever go out. We make fancy meals together or go biking or on picnics.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

thanks for stopping by! love the animated photo! So cute!

Danie at Pasadya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danie at Pasadya said...

Carla: Thanks! Oh my gosh, that stinks that you guys don't have most weekends together. :( I'm so glad y'all take advantage of the time you have together, though! Sounds like you both have a great time...especially the easy dates. :) I love the lazy dates that are also spontaneous.

Abby: Duluh...I have no idea where that is! Gotta look it up! Ohh my gosh, ha! Sounds adventurous. Makes for a good story too. :)

Coulda shoulda woulda: Ha!! You're now my go-to for random facts! SERIOUSLY. I love it. :)

Wren: Bah, thanks! Trying to dive into the gif thing more often...seeing as I've only done two of them...ever. Ahh, those are the best!

Jen: I loved the feature of Shay's office! Thanks for dropping by too!

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